Shuffle My Music Library: 2018 Version

So something different today and post of something I wanted to do again for a while now after doing it last year. Just to mix it up and keep it total random, well almost because it’s music that’s gotta be in my laptop’s library!

The main idea was pulling your own music library on random shuffle and list, write a little about each of the first 15 tracks played! So here I go doing this again just to see want comes up?

1st song played: Sister Dew by dEUS is Belgium indie rockers from the third album in 1999 called The Ideal Crash. I think, for all the 90’s Euro indie rock bands their three albums was one of the best trilogy of album by any band, well anywhere really. This is one of the video clip tracks too, lucky me and you!

  2nd song played: Black Mountain by Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan is solo Campbell track from the debut album Ballad Of The Broken Seas by this duo in 2006 who I did read somewhere they did have a bit of a falling out after the three albums together. This song is based in part on the traditional melody Scarborough Fair, you know?

3rd song played: O Mio Babbino Caro by Maria Callas is some Italian opera for you now, my biggest curve ball today, I think? But oh my god, Maria Callas can sing like a motherfucker! I can’t help but love almost anything sung by her, how about you? Translate to “Oh My Dear Daddy” from the opera called Gianni Schicchi which is from 1918 and was penned by Giacomo Puccini.

4th song played: Smoky Life by Leonard Cohen is from his Recent Songs album which is from 1984 so all old songs now and not very recent at all. Lenny who could be one of the greatest lyric writers ever didn’t seem to give a shit about his album titles.

5th song played: Salty Dog by Johnny Cash is from his Unearthed box-set so one of his later Rick Rubin produced recordings but John did sung it thought out his long career. It’s an very old folk song that’s in the public domain which means no one known who wrote it? Earliest recorded version is by Papa Charlie Jackson which he adapted the song directly from the African-American traditional Broadway the 1920’s.

6th song played: Enter Sandman by Metallica is off course from The Black Album of 1991 which was a huge hit single for them then but not really my fave of them. Needs no intro at all because almost everyone on earth has heard the song, even penguins in South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. No they didn’t because the band, crowd had to wear special headphones so they could play gig there in 2013 for some mad silly Metallica reason? So instead of the video clip you’ve see before it’s video footage of that show in Antarctica which you might not have seen?

7th song played: Pledge! by The Fall is from the album Sub-Lingual Tablet of 2015 which the last one before lead singer-songwriter Mark E. Smith got sick with the cancer that got him at the start of this year. The Fall did do one more album while he was fighting that cancer but I did think at the time it wasn’t that good which didn’t make any sense to me because before that one I was thinkig the 2010’s albums by them are some of the best, if not the best of it all! Maybe now knowing he wasn’t firing at 100%, I might have to have revisit it. You could kind-of tell something wasn’t right. Newest track today!

8th song played: Bowie by Flight of the Conchords is Kiwi comedy duo which I haven’t listen to for years now but at time in late 2000’s the HBO TV show of the same name was pretty great funny but I don’t know if it’s as funny now as back then?

9th song played: Such A Scream by Tom Waits is early his 90’s from the Bone Machine album which comes after a five year gap in-between his albums at this point. Indie rock band Primus drummer is playing the drums on this track, after they had ask him to sing on their album Sailing The Seas Of Cheese the year before, I think the other two guys from Primus are on other tracks on Bone Machine too.

10th song played: Hot Cakes For Daddy by Salamander Jim is the only Aussie band this time around. It’s mid-80’s craziest by Tex Perkins with Stu Spasm from Lubricated Goat and a couple of other guys from the epic under-rated album called Lorne Green Shares His Precious Fluids. 

11th song played: In My Time Of Dying by Miraculous Mule is a cover of very traditional gospel music song with very old blues guy Blind Willie McTell from 1920’s recording the first known version of the track but everyone from Bob Dylan to Led Zeppelin have covered but this cool cover by 2010’s English three pierce group. Maybe, one of the newest recordings today but one of a few oldest songs too.

12th song played: The Promise Land by Bruce Springsteen needs no intro really, I’m not a huge fan of him but I do have a lot his stuff and this song total great too, should listen to him more. From his epic 1978 album Darkness on the Edge of Town.

13th song played: See My Grave Is Keep Clean by Blind Lemon Jefferson is an late 1920’s blues song which was later covered by Bob Dylan, I do love a lot of those old blues guys and girls. I haven’t listen to him for a while so cool it popped up here to remind me or even you how great those old blues are, got to the oldest recording today!

14th song played: The Piano by PJ Harvey is from her total under rated album White Chalk of 2007. Everyone bitch and moaned she wasn’t playing her rock guitar but it was great she does something different, some fans are very bad with changes.

15th song played: The Nightingale by Julee Cruise is from the 90’s Twin Peaks soundtrack album and I did got a little mad for the comeback series last year. So maybe don’t need to say much more about it, does’t everyone love Twin Peaks?

So Johnny Cash and PJ Harvey is the only two singers to come up twice with almost 12 months between these two posts. That post was in August last year and now today it’s getting close to the end of June because I kind-of reminded myself about it just the other day. I did keep my music library on shuffle for a while after the first 15 was done playing and did think to adding even more songs but 15 is where I stopped!

I don’t know if I’ll do it yet again but it’s a bit of fun just shuffling your library and then writing a little about what the hell songs that do come up. Maybe, I should try to remember to do it next year too or should I do it a bit more offend?

If your having a look at this post and feel like doing it yourself, feel free to do it yourself! The original idea was to ask some number of other bloggers to do this idea themselves too but just join in if you like the idea, OK?

I picked out PJ in 2007 because she one of two artists who’s in both these Shuffle posts!

Cheers 🙂


  1. Umm. Some good tracks here but I feel the one that most needs defending is the Conchords track. They’re still hilarious. No matter often I hear them. Just thinking about Foux de fafa gets me giggling.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It is a fun exercise to do once in a while. Next time that I have a moment at my laptop, I’ll have a go and let you know how it turns out.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I just love that photo of PJ! This looks like a nice diverse list, I will have a good listen at some stage in next few days I reckon, keen to hear the ones I haven’t heard ever before (eg. the first three). Onya! =)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I really love those 1st 3 tracks! both those dEUS and Campbell & Lanegan full albums are so great, you know? What do you mean you’ve haven’t heard Maria Callas before?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ll have to check out those full albums at some stage then! I just had a listen to track three, yes I do know it, oops! I’m not terribly familiar with opera as a whole unfortunately I have to admit. But agreed, she can certainly sing like a MF! =)

    Liked by 1 person

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