1001 Albums Book: 2007

Well, this was so very easy and too very quick! It’s only got four albums that must be heard before I die from 2007 from that 1001 book which I’ve gotta say that’s pretty shit, you know? I finished this yesterday but something was already posted then and can’t just keep posting blogs madly, spread them out or something? So after the too bloody long-winded post a couple of days ago, you’ve got a nice a easy and quick post to go with your Monday morning b’fast now:

Sound Of Silver by LCD Soundsystem I guess, nothing is really new by this point but out of the four albums here this one does or could be way older than it is! So very popular too and I’ve picked North American Scum as my fave track today.

In Rainbows by Radiohead the book even jokes this is a priceless album, does anyone need filling in about this album? Please if you are doing the same job as me here, do listen to disc two of this album too which the book say nothing, anything about it and just to make it go a little bit longer. I’ve chose to listen again to Nude, the third track in.

Plus why not have a listen to the second last song on disc two, Bangers & Mash too? Once before releasing it Thom describing it as “like Wolfmother” but sounds like no Wolfmother song I know off!

Kala by M.I.A. in my mind, this her second album was weaker than her debut but everyone does seem to love it so much more so make sense it was picked for this book. I wrote about her debut Arular one of my fave rap album ever, gotta link it here. I’m picking the Aussie recorded track Mango Pickle Down River with Wilcannia Mob, Indigenous kids rapping with her.

Cross by Justice is even more French dance music and yet again I do totally love this one. I’m going with the ultra violence video clip for the song Stress now. What would Stanley Kubrick about this Clockwork Orange re-made for the 21st Century which is over ten years old now!

Well, that’s 2007 in such a tiny nutshell! My copy of this book was just updated and revised in 2016 so if I jump forward ten years nothing is there at all. So time travelling back into the past for 1957 next, I think?

On my own CA list I have already do have three albums which are My Disco’s Paradise, Ed Kuepper’s Jean Lee and the Yellow Dog and Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s Primary Colours but then the 1001 Book don’t really count Aussie albums, well not much. They do love a few Nick Cave ones but Grinderman’s self-titled debut album is missing in it but I do love that one too. That’s four more great albums named NOT in this book!

Well, it’s just gotta be In Raindows for my fave 2007 from this list, Radiohead missed out on my 1997 pick but not this year!

So I’ve got to ask now, how about you? What great albums from 2007 should have been included? If you were writing/editing this book?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Oh yeah, so many great tracks on ‘In Rainbows’! I think ‘Reckoner’ was in my random playlist shuffle from a few days back? Don’t really know all of the M.I.A. album so might suss it out? Looking forward to the 50s post! Cheers! =)

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      1. Haha yeah, I expect to see your ’57 post out tomorrow or something!? How many albums are in the 1957 section? (I’ve packed it in my suitcase, all four kilos of book! Some light reading whilst away, as well as maybe five other books, lol!) But don’t rush it, just enjoy ‘ey! =)

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