Wicked Songs: Poolboy’s Lament + I Love You by Harmony & Shall Be Released: Harmonettes + Double Negative by Harmony

Even more new Aussie music this Tuesday morning for you, whoever wants to check it out? Above is Poolboy’s Lament which is sung by a female, not male as the title suggests. That’s from a six track EP that all tracks or just buy vinyl at the end of this month of July. Then just below is the video to I Love You song which has been out for a couple of weeks but posting it now together. Which comes from full length album which is out at the halfway point of this month of July.

Now as far I can both the coming soon EP and Album are different set of songs by some what the same band. But the little or big different is the EP is called Harmonettes and the line-up on this is the stripped back three pierce of the three female’s of the band Harmony, so that’s Amanda Roff on Bass & Vocals, Erica Dunn on Guitar & Vocals and Quinn Veldhuis on Drums. Then the album is called Double Negative which includes the full five pierce line-up of Harmony, Tom Lyngcoln on Guitar & Vocals and Alex Lyngcoln on Bass. This is a really wicked cool idea but a little confusing but hopefully I’ve got it all right today?

Tom Lyngcoln is the main songwriter for the band named Harmony or was on the two past albums but I don’t know if that change on any on these brand new releases that are coming this month, I haven’t seen the songwriting credits yet? Tom Lyngcoln did just released his solo debut album Doming Home earlier this year which I totally missed it seems. Plus he has two other bands too, The Pale Heads and The Nation Blue, even more bands that I’m forgetting right now? Amanda Roff is also in Time For Dream duo, who did win my album of last year award too. But it might just be? This year, the year of Erica Dunn because this will make it the third and fourth releases for her in just six months! Has she got another one or two before the end of this year? If not four is still amazing output! The other two Dunn albums have been Mod Con and TFS, you know?

Pre-order Double Negative album on Poison City records here and Harmonettes EP is on Lyngcoln’s own label Solar/Sonar here! Oh, here’s Harmony’s facebook page, if your still into that? Over east Aussie tour is happening in the month of August too!


Cheers 🙂


  1. I heard Amanda on the radio last week, she was good! So much band-swapping going on, I’m a bit confused and can’t keep up! I’ve heard ‘Fatal Flaw’ a few times as well, what do you think of that track? You know that Erica does a weekly show on PBS? Have we talked about that or…? She’s a busy woman!

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