1001 Albums Book: 1957

So it’s seven albums this year which didn’t take very long at all because almost all are very short albums, maybe half an hour average. This only the third year in from zero for this book because albums didn’t existed before that, well kind-of according to this book. Wrong again but let’s not get hung up on these details. I did do 1955 and 1956 together last year, here the link to that post, if you wanna look?

So I might just continue picking my fave song from each album after listening like the last two posts and not do whatever the hell I was doing last year? I guess, if you dig the song just check out the album/s!

The Chirping Crickets by The Crickets aka Buddy Holly and his debut album. The book tells it’s only one in his lifetime but your wrong yet again! Holly when solo in 1958 and did two albums that year before getting on the airplane that killed him in 1959. Not Fade Away is the second track on this album.

The Atomic Mr. Basie by Count Basie I dig Basie a lot but this is his one and only album in this list plus even if this is just the start of this book he’s going since 1920’s. It’s got a atomic bomb going off on the album cover and I’ve picked track seven Whirlybird song.

Brilliant Corners by Thelonious Monk once again a great giant in jazz music gets only one album and once again, I’m going to say that’s a big pity. I totally dig this one and might just have to pick it out as the album of this year just point out jazz is just as cool and great as or even better than all the rock n’ roll in this book. Have a listen to track three Pannonica please!

Palo Congo by Sabu if you didn’t know everyone when totally conga drumming mad a bit in the late 50’s. Recorded in New York City but it’s genre is Afro-Cuban music with no less than four or five conga or bongos players plus a little acoustic guitar and double bass. If you like mad non-stop drumming this one is for you, it does get a little too much after a while for me. Here’s track seven Aggo Elegua now.

Birth Of The Cool by Miles Davis is the first album of his I’ve come across but I think he’s got like four or five albums in it. Anyway this is a comp album of recordings Davis did much earlier in 1949 to 1950 and originally released on the 10-inch 78-rpm format back then. They break the no comp albums rule here, in the intro by general editor he’s say quote “you won’t find compilations in this book” but I just did! Oh, who cares at this point? Track six is called Deception, the only Davis as songwriter on it.

Kenya by Machito is more Afro-Cuban but maybe just tiny bit less mad drumming plus thrown in way more Latin big band jazz style on top. Not recorded in Kenya off course but New York City again but it’s somehow more a tribute to the African country. I’m choosing track seven called Frenzy today.

Here’s Little Richard by Little Richard is back to the rock n’ roll off course, his one and only album here in the book. His debut album too but the opening track Tutti Frutti was released in 1955 as a 7″ single and then counting up it’s six song as singles released in 1956 before this album which has twelve tracks on it. Track ten Rip It Up is a great one to finish with!

Listening to all these albums was pretty much last night so now posting this for Wednesday morning blog post. I do like listening to things by years, it does give a bit of context of what else was happening then at the same time or in that 12 months. So I’ve only got 1967 left to do of the something-seven years, I’ve done those last three post in just a few days but guessing that 67 might be more than just one night or less of albums to listen too? I think it’s got something like 30 or 35 albums, might need a bit more time?

Guess what? I do have one and a bit albums listed in my own CA thingy which is After School Session by Chuck Berry plus a little part of His Best by Bo Diddley are from 1957. Then guess what? Zero Berry’s or Diddley’s albums are in this 1001 albums book but we get three Elvis P’s albums we must hear before we die!

Brilliant Corners is my pick of album of 1957 from the seven listed in the book! 

Asking again! Do you have a fave album from 1957? Pretty please do tell?

Cheers 🙂



      1. I do like ‘Pannonica’! Very sax-y! Well it’s late at night in SL, no better time to listen to some good 50s music! Cheers for sharing yet again. =)

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