Classic Albums: It’s Blitz! by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

 I did love almost all those huge rock revival bands of the 2000’s. This album is what happens when they thrown synth and keyboards into the mix! The 2009 third album by Yeah Yeah Yeahs is by far and away is my fave. The two previous ones before this album seem to be just building up to this mega epic wicked record and then the following one didn’t come close to any of them, unfortunately. Then since somewhere around 2013/4 the band has been on long hiatus but this year they have been playing some live shows again.

Once again, what can I tell you about them and this album that you don’t already know or easy find out? In 2009 this album was pretty much on everyone ‘s end of year lists and in the top 10 of anyone who mattered, funny and surprising or unsurprising I did notices two of the biggest hype machines or whatever the hell you call them? Both Rolling Stone and Pitchfork missed it in their top 10 but I guess it was just up further in the their top 20. It’s Blitz! album is so far the only album I’ve added to my CA list from that year, you know?

Co-producer Nick Launay did say almost all of the tracks was wrote in the recording studio which don’t happen in this day and age because it cost record company’s too much money. Worth noting the other co-producer was from indie band TV on the Radio, Dave Sitek. God I must be perplexed what to say about this one if I’m talking about the co-producers?

I really do love It’s Blitz! album so here’s a great reason why now! I did see them live around this time but I think it was a bit closer to the next album by memory but it was in the works. They were invited to play the Aussie touring festival the Big Day Out, what year was that? It was one of the last ones, maybe the second last one because it was still at the Showgrounds then. It was a really Summer day on a Sunday so these New Yorkers were on late afternoon just before the sun when down with Karen O was running around, dancing away like a manic like she does but in-between the songs she throwing water over herself, standing in front of the huge fans on stage plus saying how bloody hot Australia is too, everyone cheered at this but I think she was a bit pissed and was please Perth was the last show of this tour. As well playing pretty much It’s Blitz! tracks heavy setlist and couple of older ones plus one totally brand new one was I did somehow got down the front because most of that day I was up the back for some reason. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs was coming on stage so I got a great spot behind these two teenage girls on the shorter height side so I could see over the tops of these two heads. As soon the band popped on stage these two very young innocent girls turn into insane raging lesbians kissing non-stop the whole time etc. you get the picture? But once again I’m getting sidetracked here!

Finishing up on that note, I think? So I might have missed someone in “Y” artists in my now reverse alphabet fave albums list but I’m going to be moving to the “X” artists next, OK?

It’s Blitz! track listing:

1. “Zero” 4:25
2. “Heads Will Roll” 3:41
3. “Soft Shock” 3:53
4. “Skeletons” 5:02
5. “Dull Life” 4:08
6. “Shame and Fortune” 3:31
7. “Runaway” 5:13
8. “Dragon Queen” 4:02
9. “Hysteric” 3:50
10. “Little Shadow” 3:57


So this list below are my 101 faves, so far because I’m still counting them up. Now It’s Blitz! by Yeah Yeah Yeahs is the 102nd album post today!

Who else digs It’s Blitz! by Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Or do you just want to tell me your by them?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Hi there William …. some great albums here. Who could ever forget that era when everyone seemed to have Patti Smith’s ‘Horses’ in their collection. Well ….. a lot of people probably …. but I still have mine!

    Quite off the subject …. I was doing a little research … delving into my own past and I came across this. I doubt that you have heard of Marc Sisto or ‘The Visitors’ but Marc and I lived together for about 9 months back in the 70s and I had not thought of him for years until he rang me the other day for a chat.
    Anyway …. it is an obscure little piece of Oz rock history

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    1. Cheers man again! That does look great, I will check it out now!
      Don’t worry too I’ve got some older Aussie stuff to be added this my list of fave albums!
      Off course, you’ve still got Horses by Patti Smith! So that’s your fave on my little list, I guess?


      1. No, I’m not sure that it’s my fave …. but it is iconic. It’s hard to go past ‘Songs of Love and Hate’ for the title alone. Actually, my copy of ‘Horses’ originally belonged to Dave from the Reels. I borrowed it for a while and when I went to return it he said ‘you can keep it …. it’s rubbish’ so …. not everyone’s cup of tea, I suppose.

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    2. i do have Brother John by The Visitors on a comp album which is the very first post in this list of fave albums!
      It was like a late 90’s/early-2000’s comp CD’s of older 70’s/80’s Aussie stuff, that was my very 1st blog post ever back then too, a couple of years ago! Anyway I’ll read the link you send me now!


  2. A great band with a real rock star up front. Another amazing presence on drums and a guitarist whose place is assured in the Parthenon of six stringers who have advanced the art form. I loved them for a short while and still admire them now

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      1. It would probably be It’s blitz, closely followed by Mosquito, though I do love some of the singles from the first two records too.

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