Soundtrack Songs: The Young Ones

Have we got a video? (The repeated line of dialogue by various characters)

Neil: Oh, have we got a video!
Vyvyan: If anyone else asks me that question I’m gonna stick their head through the window!
Neil: Vyv? Have we got a video?
Vyvyan: Right… come this way, Neil
(He walks over to the window and literally pulls it off the wall and he then walks over to Neil)
Vyvyan: Sideways on (Neil turns sideways) thank you
(He smashes the window over Neil’s head but Neil merely looks confused)
Neil: I still don’t understand. I still don’t understand. Does that mean we’ve got one or not?

Motörhead – Ace Of Spades

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Jackie Wilson Said

Alexei Sayle & Radical Posture – Dr. Martens Boots

Alexei Sayle – Stupid Noises Song

Cliff Richard & The Young Ones – Living Doll

Something a bit different today, I was watching some of the old 80’s English The Young Ones TV shows on the weekend. I don’t that video joke would in this day and age, hey kids? Now just above I’ve picked out my couple of fave music songs performing on the show by Motörhead and Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

Also then had to included couple of Alexei Sayle silly songs. I don’t know if any of it will make any sense totally out of context like if you’ve never seen the TV show but who really cares? I can’t stop laughing, he could be my fave one from the whole show. Anyway if you never seen it just go and watch the show right now, OK?

Then the last track is the extra crazy silly with Cliff Richard version of his even older song, they did for charity a couple of after the show was finished and over but was an Aussie number one hit single so I remember it! That’s Hank Marvin playing really lovely guitar on it. Oh did you he live here in Perth, W.A. Australia since around 1986? BTW was the year that song was released too! I do seen him around down in Freo sometimes, you can’t miss those glasses!

I can’t believe my old folks let me and my sister watch some of this when we were little kids, it’s not really a kids show.

 So does everyone have fave bit from The Young Ones?

Cheers 🙂



  1. SPG was always my favourite but you’ve got Mötorhead and the DMs song there so it’s all covered. And the novelty records that came out (Summer Holiday, Living Doll, Hole In My Shoe) kept us going when we didn’t have a video.

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