Top Ten Tracks: Kim Salmon

So here’s the next Aussie artist in my fave ten tracks. It’s been a while since the last one of these kind-of posts but here it is on this Friday morning for anyone who wants to check it out?

Kim Salmon is a songwriter and guitar player who’s worked with a lot of different acts and people over the years. Today trying to included something from everything over all the years but off course some have missed out. He was born in Perth, W.A. but lived most of his music career in Melbourne, Victoria. So here’s his facebook if you wanna to check it and if you want more music he’s got a wicked bandcamp page linked here too, where you can find almost all the albums that these songs come from plus stuff I just couldn’t fit with only ten tracks. He’s an under-rated genius in my opinion so anyway here’s my picks!

ScientistsThis Is My Happy Hour (1982) from the Blood Red River album but originally a 7″ single. I came to it first on a comp album of old punk singles, I think it was all his 90’s stuff I heard before going back to this older band but this one is still my fave of his early days with Scientists.

Beasts of BourbonDrop Out (1984) from The Axeman’s Jazz album. This track is still in the Beasts live setlist even if Salmon leaved the band years ago. Kim even throws it in his shows too like last time seeing him playing as a duo with original Beasts drummer James Baker. Anyway I named this old album in my CA list last year as my all-time fave, linked here. 

ScientistsHuman Jukebox (1986) the title track from final Scientists album. But it seem that’s the re-formed Scientists are now recording new stuff with a 7″ single release late last year with brand new album coming soon. Anyway I named this old album in my CA list last year as my all-time fave, linked here.

Kim Salmon & The SurrealistsIntense (1988) from their debut album Hit Me with the Surreal Feel. Copy and paste from Wikipedia: using minimalist lo-fi approaches to recording a basic trio: recording the band live with microphones around the studio capturing the entire sound rather than one instrument per track. The recording and mixing cost was A$240 total.

Kim Salmon & The SurrealistsI Fell (1993) from the Sin Factory album. Both these two albums have the classic line-up of Brain Hooper on bass and Tony Pola on drums and I’m missing songs from two other great albums in-between these two albums.

Kim Salmon – Obvious Is Obvious (1994) from the album Hey Believer. Is one of very few solo tracks but the album was credited to the band called STM (Sexually Transmitted Music) which had the Dirty Three drummer Jim White and Warren Ellis before he join Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds plus the late great Andrew Entsch on double bass.

AntennaCome On Spring (1998) from the album named Installation. Salmon inspired by Serge Gainsbourg’s Je t’aime and forming yet another band with Hoodoo Grus’ Dave Faulkner this time for just one album.

Kim Salmon and the Business I’ll Be Around (1999) from an album simply called Record. Aussie singer Dave Graney and Seattle’s Mudhoney Mark Arm co-wrote this wicked late 90’s track with him.

BTW here’s Kim Salmon and the guys from MudhoneyI’ll Be Around which this was recorded in the late 90’s but not released until 2010 on record called Until and it’s with Mark Arm singing his lyrics.

The Darling Downs – Waste My Time (2005) from the debut album called How Can I Forget This Heart of Mine? forming another band but it’s just a duo with Ron Peno of Died Pretty which they have now done three albums together. Salmon does play acoustic guitar and even plays banjo on on the later albums too.

Precious JulesShine Some Darkness (2011) from self-tilted album. Forming another band but once again it’s just a duo again this time with the drummer Michael Stranges. Only one album by them but Michael has played drums on a couple of Kim’s albums since then but I can’t fit anymore into my post today.

That’s it, should really be 15 or 20 or could be easy or even more! God knows what would be my seeing him live count now, last time was at the very sad Brain Hooper farewell show which I did write about here, if you wanna look at that?

OK, it’s been a shit week for my blogging so this is only the second post the week, didn’t anyone miss my bloody mad daily posts?

Here’s Kim Salmon only a couple of years ago now! 

So do you have your own fave/s by him? Why not let me know now?

Cheers 🙂

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