Cover Versions: Kim Salmon

So this makes two posts of Kim Salmon in a row of this Aussie singer-songwriter and can be filed under other artists covering him and him covering other artists songs all in one post today. After yesterday’s post I realised I haven’t blogged much about Salmon and I should have so here I go again!

First up acts covering Salmon, my top three!

MudhoneyWe Had Love from a full various ‎artists album called Set It On Fire! of  Scientists covers but biggest and best is by these guys, released by the Aussie label called Dog Meat back in 1993.

The DronesWords From A Woman To Her Man is a cover of the Kim Salmon penned song by the Beasts of Bourbon on which can now be found triple j’s Like a Version Anthology: Best Of Volumes 1-5 or now deleted Volume 2. Gareth worked as a roadie for Kim once too!

Dirty Three –  Obvious Is Obvious is from D3’s Sharks EP just released after the 1998 Ocean Songs album but only sold at their gigs. Turning it into a beautiful instrumental track. Kim Salmon also co-wrote Kim’s Dirt on the debut self-titled album by Dirty Three, you know?

This is my second post of Salmon covers, last year I did posted up three live recordings of ex-The Drones Gareth Liddard, ex-The Bad Seeds Mick Harvey and the Kim Salmon & The Surrealists’ Brian Hooper linked here, if you wanna check it out now?

OK, now moving on to the man himself with newest covers he’s recorded to the oldest, my top five picks!

Kim And LeanneDead Flowers from the album called True West of 2014, off course it’s The Rolling Stones cover. This is a duo album of two of the members of Scientists, Leanne is the drummer of the final line-up, mark three.

Kim Salmon & Spencer P. JonesRunaway is from an album called Runaways of 2013 and yes, it’s a Kanye West cover! The two old Beasts of Bourbon came together again to do another album of mainly covers this time.

Kim SalmonRamblin’ Man is from the Hey Believer album of 1994 destroying Hank Williams C&W tale in a very punk solo cover.

Kim Salmon & The SurrealistsJe t’aime is from an album entitled Just Because You Can’t See It…Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t There of 1989 doing Serge Gainsbourg love anthem.

ScientistsYou Only Live Twice is the last song on the Weird Love album of 1986, originally sung by Nancy Sinatra, composer John Barry with lyrics by Leslie Bricusse.

 Worth noting Salmon almost cover Cave’s Red Right Hand, well not really at all but just played guitar with the songwriter at an award show once at the end of this post over there. Thurston Moore once wrote liner notes to the Scientists re-union Sedition 2007 live album but other than having the same first name and looks like same height too, I don’t know about Kim Gordon? I’m pretty sure Salmon supported Sonic Youth last Aussie tour too just before that big break-up! Off course, just see above and yesterday’s post for more about Mudhoney! I’m pretty sure this this photo is at Freo Oval because of the brink wall behind them would lead up to the old Freo jail, now a tourist attraction but I might be wrong?

Kim Salmon (centre) with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon (left) plus The Bad Seeds’ Nick Cave and Mudhoney’s Mark Arm (right) at Big Day Out 1993!

Cheers 🙂


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