Song Lyric Sunday Theme: Break

No show
Isn’t that how it goes?
No show
He makes
He’s making room for me in the city
He makes

He can break me
With one hand to my head
Go in dark, dear
Dissipate my fears, letting me in
He lets me in

He knows
That I love him, I know he is home
He knows
Sirens are far from me
Safe and alone

He can make me
Move into a city on my knees
He can take in everything
Hoping he lets me in
I, I let you in

I am writing about him home
I am, I’m writing a song for him

He can break me
With one hand to my head
He can make me move into a city
Taking me as I am
As he lets me in

Break Me by Sharon Van Etten from her wonderful last album entitled Are We There of 2014. I melted into floorboards when I saw her play live a few year ago!

Shazza blinking!

With that I think, I will give SLS a break for a while. If you’ve enjoy any of my picks of track/s I’ll still be blogging away about music mainly so hit the follow thingo or not! Big thanks to Helen who runs SLS every weekend, who should win World Cup/Wimbledon of blogging or something!

Cheers 🙂


    1. Why don’t you take over for me? Throw-in another Aussie and you would be good at it, you know u want tooooooo?
      I wanna do some other things on my blog for a while but might be back to SLS sooner or later!

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      1. Oh it sounds tempting, let me have a think about it! How do you hook a sister up? I wouldn’t know how to do all the pings or whatever you call them? What sorta other things you wanna do on your blog?!

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      1. Well I’ve had a think, and I’ll have a go at the SLS, could be fun! Why not! Gotta take one for the Aussie team I guess. How do I get involved? And the pingbacks? Cheers and thanks! =)

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      2. Well, you’ll have to go and follow Helen there:
        Then it’s like Sunday morning, oh that’s today when she post the theme, I think it’s Saturday where she is but it’s best to just visit her site and not just look at in the reader thingy because that’s how you do the pingback, so once you’ve pick a song and got your post ready, let’s see if i can tell how to do the pingback now: highlight some words in your post then push the link button which is the chain look like one in the middle of bar just under where you type your post title. Then a little square box will pop up so you’ve got to go now to Helen’s site and page she posted the theme in and cut and paste her whole web page address which is: because she’s posted the theme already this weekend but but if you do it again next weekend it will be diff, understand? Or not? Tick the box in the link little square box before you push the add link button too and it should work!
        Or here’s youtube clip you can watch too:

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      3. Okay awesome, thanks so much! I think I will start next Sunday, will let you know if I have any probs. I still think it’s sad that you’re not doing SLS though. Maybe you just need a little break! Cheers! =)

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      4. I already decided on a song for this week though (I had a look at the theme just before on Helen’s page) but just couldn’t be bothered writing it up today cos got a few other things to do! So you know, it would have been ‘Speak For Me’ by Cat Power. Next week will be proper, like! =)

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