Live Gigs: Big Day Out 1997 @ Basso Oval

Flashback gig today!

So I’m calling this post my first about those old Big Day Out festivals because I’m going to be blogging about the four years straight I got to see then back in the 90’s but I’m going backwards again! They, the promoters or bookers did say it was the final one ever but off course they just have the following year off, did came back for the last year of the 90’s but in my mind these years were the best! The poster does even have 1992-1997, I off course pity I did missed the first two years but have been the other ones so I’m going to be blogging about the other years over next few days or couple weeks.

I think I would rate this one as fourth in the four that I’m going to blog about but still a great line-up. Who I seen that year was: Frenzal Rhomb, Fear Factory, Supergrass, You Am I, Powderfinger, The Clouds, Dave Graney ‘N’ The Coral Snakes, Shonen Knife, Beasts of Bourbon and The Prodigy. Who I missed was: The Offspring and Soundgarden which was the two main headlinders, Who cancelled was Sepultura after Max Cavalera left the band the month before. Who didn’t come to Perth was: Patti Smith, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Rocket From The Crypt and Aphex Twin. I think, I’ve missed some but it was something like that!

I’ve found four live clips from the very same year but it’s not the Perth show. So here’s one English, one American and then two Aussie bands from the touring line-up.


Fear FactorySelf Bias Resistor

Frenzal RhombParasite

You Am IPurple Sneakers

I think, if I remember it right I started at the main stage and moved to the side stage half way. Seeing Aussie punks Frenzal Rhomb, USA metal giants Fear Factory, Britpop’s Supergrass and Aussie rockers You Am I and Powderfinger. I think in that order but I might be not be right? This was the year that it was all cloudy and overcast in Perth but the sun came out when Powderfinger played the JC song, other extra special bit would be Tex Perkins joining You Am I on stage for a Kim Salmon penned Beasts of Bourbon song Drop Out.

All bands played great sets that year but I love the sets at the side stage even better. The Clouds who had the right band name of that day and next was a Japanese band with Shonen Knife. Two more Aussie acts as Dave Graney ‘N’ The Coral Snakes, Beasts of Bourbon and then over to The Prodigy headlined the boiler room which is where all the dance music was so was just a big sweaty tent that year. Basso Oval is Bassendean and is way out of town this year and it was catch the long train trip back into the city for me afterwards. The totally amazing side show gig that year was the Beasts of Bourbon with all the members of Soundgarden watching side of stage at a venue that’s now a strip club.

Sold as the final BDO ever but not off course after a year off in 1998, the last one wasn’t until 2014. I did go to other ones over those years but it was more off and on then after this one. I think, would still number it fourth overall of all the ones I did see in the end. The 90’s was just a pretty special time, you know?


So who else remember this one then?

Cheers 🙂



  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome lineup in ’97! You remember it amazingly well, nothing wrong with your memory my friend. I actually thought I went to the ’97 one as well but I reckon it must have been the ’99 BDO in Melbs instead (with Korn, Hole and Marilyn Manson headlining). Why didn’t Patti Smith and others make it to Perth?? Sad!

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    1. I would have loved to have see all those four, five that’s why I kind-of listed them but I got to see Patti the next year in 98 when she supported Bobby Dylan! I wouldn’t have clue why she/them didn’t come over here then?

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      1. Maybe Perth toooooo far?? =( Bloody hell, just had quick look at line-ups over the years, there’s been some good ones. I think I took them all for granted back then, you know, hindsight and all that stuff- I should have gone to more. Eg. 1993 line-up looks insane but I was only 14 or 15 then, maybe a bit too young! Well, it’ll be good to see what you do next. =)

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      2. I think, I’m blogging about the rest of the 90’s Big Day Outs I when to this whole week, heads up just for you seems you really wanna know! So that’s 94 to 96 but backwards off course! I missed 93 by one year, 94 was my 1st one but yeah it was batshit crazy line-up!

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