Live Gigs: Big Day Out 1995 @ Freo Oval

My flashback gigs/posts to the Big Day Out festival are continuous! Today it’s time traveling back to 1995!

This year’s line-up was: Ministry was the headliners amazingly, The Cult played just before them, The Offspring was before them, Primal Scream should have been higher up the bill really, Screaming Trees was most likely my fave of the day/night, Luscious Jackson and Fun-Da-Mental were more oversea acts but the Aussie ones were better like You Am I were amazing, Silverchair I totally missed because I was watching Kim Salmon & the Surrealists plus some silly reason the chair was on the side stage and the Surrealists was on the main stage. More like Aussie’s Fireballs, The Mark Of Cain and New Zealanders The 3Ds were on too early but were great too. Oasis didn’t play in the end at all and just cancelled the whole thing at the very last minute and Hole didn’t come to Perth/Freo too. If I remember right at one point they did try booking both Blur and Oasis together but that didn’t work out because it was at the height of Britpop feud then, you know?

So because no one had any smartphones or video cameras back in the mid-90’s I’ve got just some video clips of the songs I still remember, OK? So it was something like this then:

Ministry played without a pause in-between songs just one hour non-stop and did play that Dylan cover Lay Lady Lay a year before it was released on album:

The Cult had both Ministry’s Al Jourgensen and Silverchair’s Daniel John up on stage with them but my highlight of their set was The Witch:

Everyone when total ape-shit crazy for The Offspring and some chick from the crowd did get up on stage and help them sing Self Esteem:

Primal Scream most likely topped the three headlining acts that followed them and the somewhat under-rated Give Out But Don’t Give Up album came out the year before and oh my, Jailbird just killed it live:

Screaming Trees played a killer set too that day and destroyed their drum kit and guitars at the end of Nearly Lost You:

Kim Salmon & The Surrealists lost most of the crowd to the hyped or over hype of you know who? But the I Fell song was bloody great:

Now if you want the truth I had a very bad Sunday hangover so all this is a bit blur like the photos below but I’ve got to included these Aussie band who played, You Am I‘s Jaimme’s Got A Gal:

So who the hell remembers The Fireballs? They were like a much better/harder The Living End type band, here’s the Go Go Go song:

It was too early for Battlesick by The Mark Of Cain but then again maybe it was perfect!

The kiwi band The 3Ds are a good note to finish on with Hey Seuss!

Maybe I should have done this video clip thingy on the last two posts? Oh well!

Some not great photos backstage from over east:

Blurry and happy Courtney Love, Mark Lanegan & Al Jourgensen
Focus but unhappy: Courtney Love, Mark Lanegan & Al Jourgensen
Just Courtney Love and Al Jourgensen this time.
The touring poster with Oasis still on the bill!

Anyone wanna say anything about that?

Cheers 🙂



  1. Hi mate. Amazing you have so much media from a them before everyone had their phones out at gigs.

    So you still have that poster with Oasis on the line up? I’m researching for a book on Oasis in Australia from 1995 to 1998 with that infamous tour. I’d love to use that image if possible.



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  2. I went to this! I was 18 and over from England for 6 months. I remember it being stupidly hot, the free sun-screen on arrival, and being on my own all day! I wandered round and managed to se a very young Silverchair on a tiny stage. At least thats’s what I remember. I was at the front of the left stage for most of the rest of the day and received a water bottle handed to me from the stage byAl Jourgensen himself! I had no idea how to get back to my uncles (he lived in Rockingham) so I walked in the general direction and ended up in the middle of nowhere at about 1am, desperatley looking out for any taxis. Fortunatley one did stop and I got a lift all the way back to where I was staying. I didn’t have the whole fare, but the driver was cool and let me off!

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