Classic Albums: At Home With You by X

OK, let the on slaughter begins yet again with the next couple of my fave albums as my classic albums posts!

Next up is Aussie and or Sydney band simply named X with this mid-80’s under-rated gem. Everyone raves about the debut punk album from late-70’s entitled X-Aspirations from 1979. But for me it’s got to be the long time gap in between until the second album, it’s like six years coming then. Now off course I got this one first then the debut so it was the over way around by time when I found them. This one is more Aussie Pub rock than punk rock really, you know? Off course, looking at the album cover it’s written as X At Home With You or well, that’s how you read it.

Anyway the X band broken-up soon after that debut album. Steve Lucas X’s guitarist and vocalist played in two bands Harold Holt & the Sharks and then The Feel, for those oversea readers or even Aussie ones who don’t remember your history? Harold Holt was the the Prime Minister of Australia in office who disappeared while swimming in 1967 with no trace of his body was ever found so pretty perfect name for a punk band in the 80’s, the polly’s and media are wondered about sharks now! Ian Rilen bassist was in a band called Sardine v, I really have to blog about them at a later date. Lucas and Rilen and Steve Cafiero regrouped as X in late months of 1983 but a new drummer was recruited in 1984. Cathy Green then replaced Cafiero, who she had previously been a member of the Canberra band **** ****  that’s pronounced as “Cough Cough”. Then in five days recorded this album with the brass section from Hunters and Collectors, The Horns of Contempt as they go under on horn section for songs number 1, 2 and 12.

So six track in you get to Degenerate Boy, by mid-80’s it was already stuff of legends but if you’ve never heard it before it’s just one of the best songs about heroin! With the wicked video clip below now:

Halfway ‘Round the World song, track number four was in Nov. 1984 used as a B-Side to a come-back 7″ single of cover version of John Lennon’s Mother song but if truth be told most flipped it but was re-record for the album a year later.

Stayed on the Australian Alternative charts for something like least 29 months. It was produced by Lobby Lloyd, engineered by Tony Cohen and recorded at Richmond Recorders, that down in Melbourne.

In 1985 a special limited edition was released entitled A TV Dinner at Home with X and it contained a T-shirt and a flexi-disc of the song called El Salvador recorded live at The Prince of Wales in Melbourne, Australia on 13 March 1985 from a live PBS radio broadcast. Searching for the master tapes for this track for the 2007 reissue they found the complete concert was so issued as a second bonus disc. Which off course re-buy the album reissue just for that. I think now I’ve give-up re-buying albums reissues now but in 2007 was a different story. Aztec Music label was who released those two early two albums plus in 2011 released for the first time 1977 recordings of the band, like a very early demo tape or something? I’ll linked to all three here, if you wanna check them out? It’s pretty amazing reissues like X At Home With You album comes with that bonus live disc and 24 page book with rare photos and liner notes too. Now above is the band’s American label Morphius Records bandcamp embedded in my post which they have reissued them since 2002 plus Steve Lucas does seems to have his own bandcamp page too, so linked it here for anyone too!

Anyway just below is a live at The Forum in Melbourne, 2009 version of the El Salvador to finish-up this post today.

So who else love X’s second record? Or any Aussie X, it really does’t matter!

At Home With You track listing:

1. “The Feel”
2. “T.V. Glue”
3. “Movin’ On”
4. “Halfway ‘Round the World”
5. “You Say That You Love Me (You Really Don’t Care)”
6. “Degenerate Boy”
7. “All Over Now”
8. “At Home with You”
9. “Goin’ Crazy”
10. “Oxford Street Nick”
11. “Don’t Cry No Tears”
12. “She’s Gone”
13. “El Salvador” (live March, 1985 bonus track)


So this list below are my 102 favorite albums, so far because I’m still counting them up. Now At Home With You by X is the 103rd album post today!

Who else digs At Home With You by X? Or do you just want to share something with me?

Cheers 🙂



  1. I’m getting through your CA list William! Poor Harold Holt; I think some people would be quite happy for our current PM to go missing like that!

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    1. So just wondering, which ones have you got through and which not then? Or is that a bit tricky because they’re just a few? You know you can leave a reply on each album post, if you want to? Or that would be to hard, as well? You can say you total dislike even hate it, I wouldn’t mind! Does’t matter I guess! Anyway i hope are at least enjoying them? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well some I love, some I like, some I don’t like! (Like I already said to you about the earliest Nick Cave stuff. =( Well if you’re sure you want me bombarding your album posts with my thoughts about your CA list I’m happy to do that! One thing’s for sure, you have such a wide range in music taste, your CA covers everything I think. Quite a few of your CA list I know well and love, and would also be on my faves list, several I’ve never heard before and they’re the ones that I’m mainly listening to, to expand mahhh repertoirrrrreee! I think it’s good to like what you like, you know? I’m sure I like stuff that you don’t! =)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, got for it and why not? If you want too? Glad I’m helping expanding, doing my little bit even if you don’t like it much! Hopefully there not too much more that you don’t like but I guess, your right it doesn’t matter and it’s all down to everyone’s got difference personal taste in music! 🙂

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      3. Well you’ll find out my opinions on them all sooner or later I guess! But I really do like or even love many of the ones I’ve heard so far; not many I don’t like. But I hope I don’t offend! Cheers! =)

        Liked by 1 person

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