Shall Be Released: What Would I Know? by Brian Henry Hooper

Edit: as of Feb. 2019 is up on bandcamp

Well, we have date of release for what now is posthumously album by Brian Henry Hooper. Still a couple of months away on 21st of Sept. 2018 or around about then? Because another website I’ve just found is saying 17th of Sept. 2018.

It’s almost a full year since I first heard about this cool record and did go a little mad writing a full blog post about it then which is here, if you want to have a look? Now a lot has happen in that year, he passing away on a day that was going to be a benefit concert but became a tribute show to him which I when too but had to lay down for a lot of it because sitting or standing was just too much to do. It’s linked here too, if you want have look? I don’t know how all the performers did it that day? Anyway, I guess someone has said it’s time to put out that album that’s been just sitting there waiting all this time!

What Would I Know? track listing:

01. Shut Up
02. What Would I Know?
03. Seventeen Years Ago
04. Black´n´Blue
05. Oxygen
06. Inside of You
07. Do You Want Me?
08. Show Me the Way
09. Act Your Age
10. Soft and Evil

The record label adds:

Bang! Records present What Would I Know?, the posthumous album from Brian Hooper. The release of this album is bittersweet; on one hand it is a happy and proud moment, while on the other, it feels deeply sad that this is the posthumous album of much-admired artist Brian Hooper. Entering into the album, can one imagine a new album from Brian Henry Hooper (Beasts of Bourbon, Kim Salmon & the Surrealists, Rowland S. Howard) with Gareth Liddiard of The Drones? What does it sound like? Picture Syd Barrett lost in Australia and you’ve got it! This is a truly personal and magical album, full of identity and openly exposing the genius of Brian Hooper. Features liner texts courtesy of Kim Salmon.


Seems to be only on LP so far, pre-order direct from Bang! here but you can listen to 30 sec. samples of each of the tracks over here too!

Cheers 🙂

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