Classic Albums: Cellulite Soul by Witch Hats

Might as well keep doing these posts now that I’m getting going, right? So next you can file it under: the greatest debut album you’ve never heard, most likely? Most likely will never hear too!

My own rules apply on my own blog, you don’t need to sell millions, thousands, even hundreds of copy’s to Americans, English’s, some other country or even Aussie’s for that matter! My fave albums of all-time as I entitled somehow “Classic Albums” as posts/tags, I’ve just got to love that album and played it to almost damn death, simple as that!

Next up my blog here I come back to Melbourne town, Australia yet again with a little known band called Witch Hats and their album Cellulite Soul from the year 2008.

As I move on to my fave albums with acts that starting with “W” I’m going to begin with the hardest to stream or most different to find anywhere online, it’s not on spotify, who knows if it’s on iTunes, it’s on the bandcamp’s page for Witch Hats but you can’t stream or listen to it, only says you can buy a CD copy but to quote it now:

Purchase dosen’t include a digital download. We don’t own the rights to this recording and can only sell our limited physical stock. I think you have to get digital from iTunes or some shit. Probably best just to steal it off NAPSTER.

So you might have notices I’m embedded all tracks that I can find from YouTube here on this post about them and it. Now I would some of the best tracks from this album are not ever on YouTube or I can’t find them but sorry to say I’m not uploading them too! Do you know much rubbish comes up when searching from a band entitled Witch Hats?

To me they should have be huge and massive but they’re sadly not but it’s not going to stop me raving about them! If I didn’t have a copy of this album I would pay $100 to them just one, maybe someone should start one of those kickstarter thingy so they can buy back the right to their own album or something?

Maybe, you could call my blog post today an intro to them and we can see if anyone does buy the CD or maybe even find it by other means, hey? I would like to know, please let me know that OK?

The full names of all four members are: Kris Buscombe on vocals/guitar, Ash Buscombe on bass/vocals, Duncan Blachford on drums and Tom Barry on guitar but in 2018 it’s only Kris and Ash as the original line-up members of Witch Hats.

So you might just ask how the bloody hell do I know them? I’ve never seen them live too but I have hear they’re bloody great wicked live! It’s basically only because I like to look at the production details. So after leaving The Birthday Party as drummer Phill Calvert played in a couple minor bands in the 80’s/90’s but disappear somewhat until some technical credits like on this album where he’s co-producer, recording and mixing it. Not much of a reason really but I check it out then and now still following this band, the last album from a couple of years back was on Phill’s record label.

You can find them on facebook here, if you like it or them but really not much is on it at all! Maybe the best place online is Witch Hats’ bandcamp page where you can buy some of their stuff in some formats but not all, you know?

So it might be an odd one on my fave albums list but I think it’s just as great as anything else on it! Who else out there love this band Witch Hats?

Cellulite Soul Track listing:

1. Before I Weigh – 5:32
2. I Can’t Stay At Home – 2:58
3. Climbing Up Yr Cable – 4:10
4. Western’ – 3:58
5. Hellhole – 4:28
6. Potato Feet – 3:12
7. Summer Of Pain – 3:39
8. Ma Lord – 1:56
9. Neil Diamond Entry – 3:38
10. Doors Film – 8:25


So this list below are my 104 favorite albums, so far because I’m still counting them up. Now Cellulite Soul by Witch Hats is the 105th album post today!

Who else digs Cellulite Soul by Witch Hats? Anybody else own a copy of it? Or do you just want to say something else now?

Cheers 🙂



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