Classic Albums: Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes

I’m moving to Detroit, America for my next fave album of all-time! After some lesser known Aussie acts/albums last week but I’m going to have some very massive names of American music. I think the next album or the post coming maybe tomorrow is an even bigger one but today, Monday night that it is now is The White Stripes’ Get Behind Me Satan album. The odd one out or the fifth studio album of the six they did together.

Now the problem with a larger well-known act and album like this, is what do I write about it or them? Everything been said about them by now, right? Trying to say something else here in my blog post but most likely not? I’m not included every single late 90’s/2000’s rock revival artists in my little list of fave albums, which might seem like I am but this already is the last from that scene that’s made my cut.

All songs are written by Jack White but is no different than any of these bands albums but I don’t know if it’s Meg White who makes them much cooler than anything else he’s done? You know, all of Jack’s solo albums or side-project bands none never came close to the greatest of The White Stripes. So today calling it the Meg White effect, she by far more cooler than Jack. Meg’s reign of silent is better that anything Jack done since they broke-up or before really! All I know about Meg since then is she did married Patti Smith’s son which has, might have ended badly anyway? Jack’s once been called by someone the Willy Wonka of the vinyl revival which does seem about right, right? A lot did call her a bad drummer or not that great but I think she was awesome plus she was the perfect match for his over the top control-freaky or whatever you call it?

This is the last album in Detroit before he leaved for Nashville. So before this was album in London then before that was Memphis and the first two records was Detroit too. Some say where things are recorded made no differences but I think this band is a primal example it did.

Changing plans at this point was a great move, with piano-driven melodies, experimentation on the marimba and replacing electric guitar with that piano but then mandolin and acoustic guitar too. Anyway all this has been said before so is nothing new at all but seems all of this does count for reasons I love this one way more than the others.

Well, I did see them live only once at the tail end of the Elephant album world tour which I think Australia was one of the last place before the work started on this album. Nope, there wasn’t any little previews because as far as I know everything for it was wrote in the studio.

In 2005 the Australian album charts called the ARIA’s this album peaked at number three, which should have please Jack because he likes that number, just a little bit. I don’t know what else to say so that might be a good time to put in one of the last full-stops.

Get Behind Me Satan track listing:

1. “Blue Orchid” 2:37
2. “The Nurse” 3:47
3. “My Doorbell” 4:01
4. “Forever for Her (Is Over for Me)” 3:15
5. “Little Ghost” 2:18
6. “The Denial Twist” 2:35
7. “White Moon” 4:01
8. “Instinct Blues” 4:16
9. “Passive Manipulation” 0:35
10. “Take Take Take” 4:22
11. “As Ugly as I Seem” 4:10
12. “Red Rain” 3:52
13. “I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet)” 4:19


So this list below are my 106 favorite albums, so far because I’m still counting them up. Now Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes is the 107th album post tonight!

Who else digs Jack and Meg’s fifth album? Or do you just want to say your own fave? Or something else?

Cheers 🙂


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