Magazines: MOJO magazine 2000-1

So here’s something totally random because I blog like a liquorice allsorts bag. Well, I did once wrote a blog post about six months ago for a mag I disliked at some point but god knows why? I forget the reason? Maybe there wasn’t one! Then I did post about yet another print magazine before that which I can’t be buggered to even to find that link. Anyway, I guess you could count those other two posts but I did really dig Mojo magazine way more once and could be still a good read?

Mojo which is should be in cap locks but I’m not doing that for a magazine, it’s a pretty great read, at one point I did buy it every month but quickly got bored by that overkill. So I chose the ones I really wanted to read that look really interesting to me very careful. I don’t know if anyone will care about this post at all but I’m throwing in a few YouTube clips per artist/band/act of a song featured in by them in each of the issues just to break it and maybe made it more entertaining for me and maybe for you too?

So this is maybe the very first of a few posts in the running order from the very first to last copy’s of this mag which I’ve still got in a big pile on my desk in my room. Plus I’ve somewhat write list of what is the cool in each of these issues or just saying little is about each on these mags.

While doing this I noticed Mojo’s website got very little about any older issues plus it looks like it’s issue number 300 next month for them too. That website is mainly just selling the new copys really but I’m going to blog about the old ones I’ve kept all this time. So these are just my highlights from each issue and maybe why the hell I’m keeping these bloody things, OK? I only got it twice last year and this year but I don’t know if magazines are totally pointless now? I read more blogs now and like most people want things a bit quicker these days. Anyway below is some stuff that mag wrote about once a long time ago which I hope someone might enjoy?


Issue #75, Feb. 2000: Telling the very first one I’ve got is Moe, Sterling, John and Lou on the cover with the 100 cult heroes which looking at it today is a pretty great list plus a few of the artists I’ve blogged about here on my blog. So linking all my write-ups of the acts that made it into that list in this mag are: The Saints, The Pop Group, The Triffids, Karen Dalton and off course The Velvet Underground.

Amazingly NOT in that 100 cult list but still in the same issue is The Monks with thier late 90’s reunion. Lost Syd Barrett paintings found. Last night a record changed my life is Bobby Gillespie on the Sly Stone And The Family Stone’s album There’s A Riot Goin’ On. Buried Treasure is amazingly the Bee Gees’ Odessa, How to buy is 60’s girl groups, In book reviews is one of Nick Cave’s earliest bios which still got that book too.

Hello goodbye is POV of Steve Hanley when he joined The Fall of late 70’s until the early 80’s when he was kick-out of after Mark E. Smith was arrested in America and Steve flies home to England while Mark is still in jail. Also he did go on to write a whole book about his time in that band but this little interview plus he was in the very last Mojo I got because Mark had just died earlier this year. The note worthily totally brand new albums at the time reviewed here and I still dig today are Morphine’s The Night, Air’s Virgin Suicides soundtrack and Lambchop’s Nixon was OK too.


Issue #78, May 2000: It’s 1970’s all girl group pop-punk The Runaways has the biggest article in the mag  but Iggy Pop on the cover with a scratch but not sniff underwear which off course I scratch off and to find, guess what? Iggy’s big cock! Inside is ten best song about masturbating ever, nine best tracks from pre-50’s with totally explicit lyrics which eight are female singers, ten best soundtrack albums that are the sleaziest listening which all are from before mid-70’s which maybe I should blog more about those, hey?

The Rolling Stones unreleased R-rated 1972 tour doco called Cocksucker Blues, Secrets from my sex museum by Throbbing Gristle’s Geneus P-Orridge. Yet another top 10 of bad sex and PR silly ideas to sell records ever but done for real, somehow? RIP real gone Ian Dury, How to buy 60’s French pop. The note worthily new albums at the time reviewed here for me are Smog’s Dongs Of Sevotion, Elliott Smith’s Figure 8 plus small interview with him and…

Amiee Man’s Bachelor No.2 also a bit how Mann had to buy her own record back off a scumbag major label because they wouldn’t release it for some silly reasons so she just when indie to return, funny to read about because one her best ever albums. John Grant’s early band The Czars is the underground album of the month too. Plus how can I not say W.A.S.P.’s Blackie Lawless naked and he has the smallest penis ever, amazing this mag wasn’t sold in with the porno mags really!


Mojo Collections, Winter 2001: Nick Cave’s first kind-of cover on Mojo was for side line mag called Mojo Collections which is all about interviewer visiting his then London workplace-come-office which he shows off an old suitcase who previous owned was Leonard Cohen and jokes “There weren’t any old razor-blades in it, sadly.” Thurston Moore made a mixtape for Mojo which I could post up here on my blog sometime, maybe?

Captain Beefheart with his paintings plus his most rarest records. Diana Ross talks about all her famous friends. The best and crazy Japan’s Psych bands from 1970’s to late 1990’s. Dylan’s 10 best and greatest unofficial bootlegs ever. The most magnificent 50 movie soundtracks. Did you know Bruce Lee soundtracks which highly collectible? How to buy Bollywood Indian film soundtracks too.

So much pages on 60’s French pop I would have been a pig in mud reading all this with both Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, 50 Greatest 60’s French pop and ended up with Bridgette Barbot big feature. Oh and Elvis P’s old friends, younger contemporaries remember him fondly too.


Issue #90, May 2001: Basically Steve Albini about making In Utero album and his side of that story. Also it’s basically 100 studio producers with bigger write-ups with likes Joe Meek, very earliest Jimmy Page stuff, Brain Eno interview plus 90-something others.

Yet even more Nick Cave here but more about kicking the drugs and getting married also talks about Micheal Hutchence death “I don’t really think Michael ever seemed to be a very appropriate candidate for that sort of thing… It didn’t make much sense to me.”

Big feature on the Bee Gees which is only part one, yeah! Rising bit is the new-ish band called Sigur Ros. New books are A Drink with Shane MacGowen, How to buy 1955-1970 rock movie scores/soundtracks. New albums this time are the debut self-titled The Moldy Peaches, Mogwai’s Rock Action and The Avalanches’ Since I Left You.


Issue #91, June 2001: Radiohead on Amnesic album which is just a very huge Thom interview. Dylan turns 60 years old this year/month, Neu! has a big feature, Rising star are The White Stripes. All Back To My Place with Nancy Sinatra, Dave Gahan and Jimmy Cliff.

Part two on Bee Gees and it’s them in the 60’s, you know? Real gone was Joey Ramone, Hello goodbye is Izzy Stradlin of Guns N’ Roses, Live shows is Tortoise doing one of the very early ATP fest. How to buy was crazy old 70’s Acid folk. Lou Reed is spotted doing Tai chi in a New York park. Reissues of all three old Neu! albums and official release live of Joy Division in Dec. 1979, New albums this month was The Angel Of Light’s How I Loved You.

So that’s two years but only two issues from 2000 and three for 2001 I’ve still got now, oh well. Looking at them now they do seem pretty great and worth keeping all this time. I guess, I’m missing a lot of them but what can I do now? Do you have any Mojo magazines?

Cheers 🙂

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