Magazines: Mojo magazine 2002-3

So here’s part two of this set of posts about, well the English music mag called Mojo after posting the first one here’s what happen next. Well, here’s the copy’s I still have and what’s in them or some of my things I enjoined reading about plus I’ve embedded a few songs that’s in these issues too!


Issue #100, March 2002: So I only still got five issues before the one hundred issue so I’ve missed 95 others. 100 artists pick their heroes like Nick Cave on Dylan talks about his love for Slow Train Coming album and meeting him at late 90’s Glasto fest. Other 99 are the likes of Bo Diddley on himself off course, Leonard Cohen on Muhammad Ali, Portishead’s Beth Gibbons on Janis Joplin, John Lyon on Gandhi, Both Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Lee ‘Scartch’ Perry on James Brown, Jarvis Cocker on BBC DJ John Peel, Debbie Harry on NYC writer Thomas Wolfe, New Order’s Morris on UK TV show star Sooty the bear and Hooky on Iggy Pop, Iggy himself on Keith Richards and Keef on Muddy Waters etc.

Also included is the birth of rock n’ roll with the track entitled Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston which kicked it all off kind-off according to them. Hello goodbye is Debbie Harry is calling day on Blondie which was off course before the big reunion a couple of years later.


Issue #106, Sept. 2002: Mojo did like to say they were the first English mag to have TWS in it before all the others so here’s Meg and Jack get the cover, big story and they choose top 10 biggest influences too. All back to my place with The Stooges’ Ron Asheton and Pam Grier who both pick Hendrix’s Are You Experienced? as their all-time fave album.

The blues late great Son House has a big write-up, last night a record changed my life with Bjork on Peter Baumann’s Romance ’76, late 60’s Marc Bolan before T.Rex fame, Hendrix final UK live show ever, MC5’s New York battleground or late 60’s gigs in NYC. New acts in Rising is both Nina Nastasia and Interpol, 10 questions for Lep Zep’s Robert Plant. The new albums was Songs Of The Deaf by QOTSA and They Threw Us All In A Trench & Stuck A Monument On Top by Liars.


Issue #111, Feb. 2003: Kate’s very first cover for them and it would seem she is the artist who’s been on the the most covers which I’ve bought and kept all of them since then. 50 maverick albums which are all just the craziest Pommy music ever. Huge thing about Santana but I couldn’t get into him. Email interview with Aphex Twin which some how is only half a page long. Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb with photo of his 60’s basset hound dog plus interview. Ray Davis’ on 1968 Kinks, Javis Cocker gets one full page interview then talks rare Pulp vinyl. Late 50’s/early 60’s Lonnie Donegan who played something the English called Skiffle.

 Album of the month was Cave’s Nocturama with even an illustration of Nick with a koala hung by a noose and the tiniest interview plus Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s Master & Everyone and Lou Reed’s The Raven was out then, 10 question for Lou Reed, RIP real gone Joe Strummer, Hello/goodbye is Jane Birkin on meeting/leaving Serge G.


Issue #117, August 2003: Remember when Radiohead would only have a two maybe three years gap in-between albums? Bonus mini-mag 100 greatest guitar albums, Rolling Stones and AC/DC were then touring together, Gillian Welch gets three pages, the King Of Leon get two. The Cure’s Pornography albums gets a few pages.

 A nice huge Bill Withers feature, 10 questions with Glen Campbell, How to buy Joni Mitchell top 10 which I could never really get into her, sorry. Cave/Bad Seeds live gig which were the first ever tour without Blixa Bargeld and Lee ‘Snatch’ Perry does his own Meltdown fest, the buried treasure is The Moray Eat Eats by The Holy Modal Rounders and the debut album Lovers by The Sleepy Jackson was the note worthy new music then.

Wow that’s only two issues each for these two years, this time around. Does anyone care about this? Is this just totally pointless blog posting or what?

BTW Seems I’ve not been blogging as much as before but want I’ve been doing is updating my 80’s playlists now! So that’s 1989, 1988 and 1987 are 60 songs, then 1986, 1985 and 1984 are 55 tracks and then 1983, 1982, 1981 and 1980 are 40 songs now! Those are the links if want to have a look or listen? Should I update my 70’s and 60’s playlists next?

Cheers 🙂



  1. Ah Kate, she’s just the best, right! And well deserves to be on the most covers! So to answer your question, I loved listening to your 60s playlists (I think I’ve listened to them all) so would love you to add to them. And I think I’ve heard most if not all of your 70s ones too, so again same thing! But only if you want to, no rush, you know! Thanks for sharing your updated 80s ones, too. BTW great idea for a post, worth hanging onto those old mags, hey! =)

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