Magazines: Mojo magazine 2000-3

So it’s turned into Mojo mag blog week or something? Yeah, I’ve ready posted about these years in the last week or two but somehow missed these three issues which were in a different pile of mags, I have no idea why? I did think I was missing some and I found them so they can’t be miss out by me re-visiting what I would most likely call the best music mag ever! Here’s three more issues and my random YouTube clips to go with them, enjoy!


Issue #79 June 2000: Joplin on the cover and have you heard her Bo Diddley cover? It’s a totally huge write-up on Janis. Yusuf Islam or Cat Stevens get four pages, Scott Walker does his own Meltdown fest, Mogwai does their own ATP fest too! How to buy old skool hip hop top 10, Einstürzende Neubauten celebrates 20 years together.

Steve Earle gets a big feature and the other large one is the tag term of father and son of Jeff and Tim Buckley. New album reviews are Jeff’s Mystery White Boy live album but Mojo is unimpressed because they’re questioning the record label releasing stuff like this after the man himself only released one album in his lifetime.


Issue #99 Feb. 2002: Richey Edwards slashed up arm is on the front cover which some readers did think it was a bit too much, the MSP article is the best one I’ve ever read too. Four pages on The White Stripes labeling them the best live right now in that year. Brian Wilson’s Smile album and eight more lost albums with The Beatles, Kraftwerk, John Fogerty, Dave Davies…

But it’s The Black Album by Prince which wanted more about? What Marvin Gaye did in Belgium, 10 questions with Cher, Busta Rhymes names Pubic Ememy’s Nation Of Millions as his last night a record changed my life. Mojo stars in Gilmore Girls TV show which Rory (Alexis Bledel) has Bee Gees’ Odessa on her shopping list quote “Mojo says, so it must be true” yeah, yeah!


Issue #118 Sept. 2003: The Strokes making the second album, that song just above is named as the oldest one not yet recorded. Late 80 ‘s hip hop with all major players interviewed plus another top ten of classic album of the golden age plus the Roots 18 tracks free CD was bloody great.

The Cramps get big feature which Lux Interior pass away in few years times. Aussie’s Rocket Science is in rising bit as new-ish band. How to buy library music top 10, Neil Young’s Greendale gets two stars review and Outkast’s Speakerboxx/The Love Below has four stars but Young has the lead review with gloomy illustration to go with it.

So I’m getting a bored by these type of posts now so this might be last post, at least for while. Time to blog something else but I could re-visit some of the other old issues on my blog at some later date but the last week or so as been early 2000’s by Mojo magazine. It’s the last day of August today so something different next month, OK? It’s been a pretty shit past month for blogging, unplanned trip away at the start didn’t help and I’m not getting back into as much now. I think the daily blog posting was a bit much so I’ll say something like I’ll try to do every two or three days with a new post about something music, from now on OK?

BTW I’ve update all my 60’s playlist now so I’ve gone a bit mad with them this month because that means everything from 2005 back to 1960 has been updated now! Here and now are the links to the 60’s ones which are 25 songs each: 1969, 1968, 1967, 1966, 1965, 1964, 1963, 1962, 1961 and 1960. Enjoy!

Cheers 🙂

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