Wicked Songs: Execution Day by Spencer P. Jones

This band of Rowland S. HowardPeter Jones, Brian Henry Hooper, Conway Savage and Spencer P. Jones are all gone now, as pointed out by one of my fave band’s social media page yesterday. So figure I might post this video clip up today because it’s been a sad year for Aussie music with both Jones and piano player Savage passing away in just the last month or so and then bass player Hooper back in April. Off course not forgetting guitar player Howard who passed away back in December 2009 and the drummer Peter Jones who passed in May 2012.

Execution Day was track number eleven on Spencer’s debut solo 1994 album entitled Rumour Of Death, previously the song featured on Beasts Of Bourbon’s 1990 album Black Milk. Now on the album’s credits Rowland doesn’t play on this song but does on a few others. Someone who does and is the only one living is Warren Ellis playing violin, off course who’s pretty much the main Bad Seed now after you know who?

Anyway I hope you dig this little slice of Aussie music history, I can’t believe all these musos who were making some great music back in the 90’s are gone now! Just shorter blog post today, I trying to make them a bit more like that but this is the only one lately that is like it.


Cheers 😥


  1. Hi! Just saw this! Not sure if this link will work for you but in case here’s the word-for-word from Facebook: “Biggsy and Neil Rogers are presenting a very special Max Headroom tonight: a tribute to Spencer P. Jones. The show will feature a live performance by Spencer recorded back in 1994 from the legendary Triple R rooftop in Fitzroy. Biggsy and Neil will also share personal tales and anecdotes about the local musical legend. Tune in from 7pm.” On 3RRR! 7pm Melbourne time!

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      1. Oh, that song was from a whole album they did together with Perth drummer ex-Beast of Bourbon James Baker. They called themselves “Spencer P. Jones and The Nothing Butts” and the album was just self-titled with about ten songs on it from early 2010’s sometime, i think the song they played on radio last night was called “She Walks Between The Raindrops” and if you google that or them you’ll find it somewhere? I was just looking at his bandcamp page and he’s got a few things on it but not that, so I can tell you it’s not there but other cool stuff is! If I remember Gaz played some synth and organ on one or two tracks on his “Fait Accompli” album too! SPJ and The Nothing Butts album was totally wicked great, mos def check it out!

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