Playlist: The 50 Best Australian Albums of the 90’s (According To Me)

I wasn’t going to post anything today, well just gone dark a while ago. Until I did see this list on Aussie radio Double J website which is pretty good but I disagree just a tiny little bit. OK, a lot so maybe as another opinion on the subject matter I quickly thrown my own list together just now. Amazingly it was so very easy for me and my list is pretty much only one album per act minus the overall winner in my view at the very end of the post, that artist or band gets two albums. I guess, same artists do re-appears working in different acts. It’s just in A to Z order and is the right way around, not backwards like something on my blog. So I’ve NOT rated them in anyway, shape or form!

Here’s the first playlist made since all those yearly lists earlier this year. Today/night playlist is just one selected track from each of the 50 albums, enjoy!

The full list of the 50 best Australian albums of the 90’s according to me are…

Charcoal Lane by Archie Roach (1990)

Black Milk by Beasts Of Bourbon (1990)

Spin The Bottle by  The Blackeyed Susans (1997)

Lowercase by Bluetile Lounge (1995)

Penny Century by Clouds (1991)

This Is Not The Way Home by The Cruel Sea (1991)

Blokes You Can Trust by Cosmic Psychos (1991)

 Paradise Discotheque by Crime & The City Solution (1990)

The Soft ‘N’ Sexy Sounds by Dave Graney ‘N’ The Coral Snakes (1995)

Doughboy Hollow by Died Pretty (1991)

Horse Stories by Dirty Three (1994)

We’re All Gunna Die by Don Walker (1995)

Self-titled by Divinyls (1991)

Honey Steels Gold by Ed Kuepper (1991)

Psychohum by Falling Joys ‎(1992)

Yummy! by Hard-Ons (1990)

Children Of Telepathic Experiences by Gerling (1998)

Everyday Lies by Hoss (1995)

Messenger by Jimmy Little (1999)

Hey Believer by Kim Salmon (1994)

Psychedelicatessen by Lubricated Goat (1990)

Young And Full Of The Devil by Magic Dirt (1998)

Ill At Ease by The Mark Of Cain (1995)

I Listen To The Night by Matt Walker (1997)

10% Weird by The Meanies (1993)

Intoxicated Man by Mick Harvey (1995)

Tren Phantasma by Mick Tunrer (1997)

Next by The Necks (1990)

The Good Son by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1990)

 Sand On Seven by Not From There (1998)

Comedy by Paul Kelly & The Messengers (1991)

Still Life by The Paradise Motel (1996)

Smashed On A Knee by Powder Monkeys (1993)

Internationalist by Powderfinger (1998)

Tu-Plang by Regurgitator (1996)

Regret Is an Inevitable Consequence of Life by Ricaine (1996)

Teenage Snuff Film by Rowland S. Howard (1999)

Freakshow by Silverchair (1997)

Rumor Of Death by Spencer P. Jones (1994)

Soon Will Be Tomorrow by Suzie Higgins & Conway Savage (1998)

Soaking Red by Tendrils (1998)

Sad But True by Tex, Don & Charlie (1993)

Far Be It From Me by Tex Perkins (1996)

Space Coyote by The Tigers (1999)

Self-titled by Tumbleweed (1992)

Tearbucketer by Venom P. Stinger (1996)

Where Joy Kills Sorrow by Various Artists (1997)

Too Much Humbug by Warumpi Band (1996)

  Hourly Daily by You Am I (1996)

Overall winner or my pick of the best Aussie album of the 90’s is…

The Boatman’s Call by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (1997)

So I’ve borrowed this image from Double J’s website! 

Who digs my picks? Or do you like Double J’s list better? Or both? How about tell me yours or do your very own 50 best Australian albums of the 90’s list too!

BTW all those Where I Was In… yearly playlists are now been totally fully updated and I’m so much more happier and please with them now! Here’s the tag page linked for all playlists from 1960 to 2005!

Cheers 🙂




  1. I can’t disagree with anything here …. on the grounds that you know so much more about it all than me. I love anything by Nick Cave (although I occasionally wonder if I am being conned …. I look at his lyrics sometimes and think, “gee …. those words are actually kind of dumb …. but you make them SOUND so clever …”)
    And I am a bit of an ‘after the event’ divinyls fan …good to see the late Chrissie get a mention.
    And there are a few that I have never heard of. I regret (inexplicably) not having witnessed ‘Lubricated Goat’ in concert.
    Keep up the good work.

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  2. Yeah, I was listening to a bit of the Oz music on Double J last night, I think they got some stuff right but I also like your playlist and am listening to it right now in fact, so thanks for putting it together! So an idea for you, maybe you should do playlists for 2006 onwards! Or… =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you enjoy listening to it? So your not going to name your own 50 best Aussie albums of the 90’s?
      OK, i might start to think about 2006 plus but I’ll going to have to the 1950’s too, you know? I’m much more happy with the newer edits, some have been very heavy and big updates because I miss a lot the first around so if you do enjoy them so much and in the meantime please have another listen, off course if you are? Why not let me know what you like/love on each and every list?
      Cheers 🙂

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      1. I think I got up to around song 17 (the Gerling track) last night on your list then fell asleep cos I don’t remember anything after that! I remember seeing Gerling in Ballarat years ago, they were so fun. 1950’s sounds great! I’ll definitely let you know what my faves are, are you sure you want me taking over your blog though with my boring comments, haha! Maybe I should put together a top 20 90’s Aussie list; 50 sounds a bit too ambitious for me maybe! =)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yeah, 20 is still cool because maybe I when a little overboard? That just might be better to do that as your own blog post?
        OK, I’ll do 50’s and 2006+ playlists sometimes soon-ish but I do have a lot of wicked stuff, i think? already planned out so it might have to go after and in or around that stuff! All 90’s lists are now at 100 tracks and late 80’s ones also have gone up toooo, you know?

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  3. Cool, you’ve been busy! I think I might ponder my Top 20 more in the hols when I’ve got a bit of time. I know mine won’t be anywhere near as cool or diverse as yours though! Gotta say I loved the Jimmy Little song in your list, hadn’t heard that before. Cheers for sharing! =)

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    1. Yeah, good idea and no rush at all! That whole Jimmy Little album is so amazing, I’ve even already included in that CA list I’m making and maybe I should had links to the albums I’ve written whole blog posts about because they’re a few but I’ve only just think of that right now! Anyway you’ve got to have a listen to Messenger album at some stage! 🙂

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      1. Farkin’ toooooo much good music to listen to! So it’s on your CA list? I’ll have to add that to my list of Daria’s, I mean William’s stuff to listen to! 😂😃👍 Like I said, thank god I’ve got hols coming up, think it’s gonna be a big music fest at mine!

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