Quiz: Which 90’s Icon Are You? I’m Daria Morgendorffer

La la la la la. You’re SO Daria. You tell it like it is and you’re not sure if anyone really likes that about you, but you don’t really care either.

Who’s that, I’ve got to ask? So I did this quiz thingy on Double J’s Aussie radio website which I’ll link it here, if you wanna do yours and play along? Funny thing is I’ve never ever watch this TV show and haven’t a clue about it at all! Maybe someone in the know can fill me in, I’m taking a wild guess and say she’s a cartoon character from the 90’s? Maybe, I should be just google her myself and watch something but I’m writing yet another blog post about it!


Sorry no music in this post but I’ve got a pretty epic one coming very soon!

Cheers 🙂



  1. Haha, great post! I got “Winona Ryder, Reality Bites. You’re totally Winona, the effortlessly beautiful girl next door who’s a little bit grungy and a bit of a hippy. Heathers beware!” Hahahaa, funny! =)

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