Wicked Songs: The Gypsy Faerie Queen by Marianne Faithfull featuring Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

So Marianne back with her brand new album pretty soon! Once again she roped in some very famous friends to work with which looks like from the outside looking in like some kinda fun party than working. Anyway a couple of days ago the co-write Cave song was released, these would the first real new lyrics we see or heard by him since his 2016’s Skeleton Tree album, thanks to Marianne. Well, I have missed Cave & Warren Ellis’ Kings soundtrack album a few months back and the Wind River soundtrack album from last year did have some sung words. Talking of Ellis he’s co-record producer for Faithfull this time around too. The new album is entitled Negative Capability and released on 2nd of November 2018 and also features a couple of songs re-worked from her earlier 60’s & 70’s career, Bobby Dylan cover, one track co-written with Ed Harcourt and another with Mark Lanegan too. Pre-order her album here!

Warren does like taking a selfie, smiley Ellis and Faithfull in big sunglasses!


As a bit of an extra bonus blog post stuff today, here’s a little brief history of Faithfull, Cave and off course Ellis recordings. Now if you like their piano and violin backing music and do miss it a little on The Bad Seeds newer albums but here’s some, if you didn’t know about these tracks already? This is I think mainly that’s the style with Marianne epic vocals!

Late Victorian Holocaust written by Cave on her 2014’s Give My Love to London album:

Deep Water co-written by Nick & Marianne on her 2014’s Give My Love to London album:

The Crane Wife 3 Faithfull with Cave on back vocals, originally wrote by The Decemberists from her 2008’s Easy Come, Easy Go album:

Desperanto is pretty much the Grinderman four-pierce band two years before that album with Marianne on vox, co-written with Nick on her 2005’s Before the Poison album:

There Is a Ghost is back to the more back to the mellow side, co-written with Cave and on the same 2005’s Before the Poison album:

Crazy Love was the first song they wrote together and once again on 2005’s Before the Poison album:

Cheers 🙂


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