Mojo’s 100 Cult Heroes: 1st Ten

So after posting two or three other lists from that mag here on my blog, I’m going to do ten blog posts over next few weeks on the full 100 artists featured in cult heroes issue with my selected wicked track for each of them, OK? It’s a pretty great list, now I could name heaps more Aussie acts that would fit into this but surprising for an English mag a couple of Aussie bands made the cut. Nothing was numbered, four main acts get bigger write-up and everyone else’s got three little paragraphs. But I’m just included one taste per cult hero so maybe, if you’ve not heard them before? Might give you an idea if wanna check them out even more or something? Hope you do enjoy?

Moondog – Bumbo (played by London Saxophonic Ensemble)

Neu! – Negativland

Alex Harvey of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Hammer Song

The Action – Shadows and Reflections

The Pastels – Dark Side Of Your World

The Velvet Underground – The Black Angel’s Death Song

James Booker – Chopin’s One Minute Waltz (Live)

Tim Hardin – How Can We Hang on to a Dream

Charlie Feathers – Get With It

Blind Willie McTell – Atlanta Strut

Love to know how much you’ve heard of or not? If you wanna join in? Comment below on one or some or all the acts! Please feel free to do so, OK? Love to know what your thinking while your looking/listening to this post or any others, for that matter?

Moondog wins for me out as feature image for these ten!

Cheers 🙂



  1. Hi William, this is a nice idea. Though I like to think I like a lot of lesser known artists, there’s only a few of these I know: the Velvets of course (everyone’s cool cult heros), Tim Hardin (a bit), Blind Willie McTell (not as well as others Bluese dudes), and bits of Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

    But The Pastels are a group I’ve been hearing about for years, but I used to find their albums hard to locate, and forgot about. I think they’re more my thing (although the song you link to has been removed, but I listened to some others on Youtube).
    Cheers, Peter

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    1. Hey Peter, nice to hear for you again! Cheers for letting know about that Pastels track, I’ll replace it sometime soon and yeah, I do need to dig a little deeper with The Pastels too and check them out a lot more really! Cheers yet again 🙂

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