Wicked Songs: Red Aces by The Aints!

I can’t keep up with all the cool brand new music coming out right now but I can’t blog post everything, I just have to put this one up because it’s so bloody wicked cool! It’s not totally brand new song but been around for a longtime. If you don’t know The Anits! They’re Ed Kuepper guitarist-singer-songwriter of 70’s band The Saints, he’s re-starting them but dropping the “S” because I guess, Chris Bailey still has a kind-of version of them going. Kuepper teamed up bassist Peter Oxley from Sunnyboys and drummer Paul Loughhead Larsen from The Celibate Rifles, The New Christs to complete this line-up of The Aints. I’ve blogged about a live show last year I’d seen, linked here!

Ed and The Aints are not just playing those old 70’s songs everyone knows and loves but somehow has dug up some very old songs that was never recorded back then. So much were written at the time, half of them didn’t even get cut in a recording studio. Now I had my doubts about this idea but first airing them at that live show last year, I really couldn’t tell the differences that much between the two, other than you’ve heard some hundreds, thousands or is it millions of times before by now? Was it pure luck which were picked for the singles or albums back then! It’s amazing genius idea of Kuepper and why not kick some ass right now because that what Red Aces does!

Kuepper on Red Aces, lifted from facebook:

A little background on Red Aces for you…. I wrote the bulk of Red Aces in 1975 back in Brisbane …..it got put aside and I didn’t give it much thought until early 78 when I was living in London. The Saints had just recorded Know Your Product which I was positive was going to be a number smash hit. It inspired me to do a tentative follow up so I added the horn part to the early bit and lo and behold there it pretty much was…. only problem was Know Your Product wasn’t the hit we thought it was going to be so Red Aces was shelved once again ….always the bridesmaid never the bride….until now when those gallant gents known as The Aints! bring you the song in all it’s only slightly phased glory.

Now it was back in the early 90’s when Ed first did The Aints with two 1992’s mini-albums Ascension and Autocannibalism and some live recordings. Maybe it’s me being a smart ass or just another reason why I was named as Daria on the weekend? Track five at over eight minutes long on the Autocannibalism mini-album is the song Red Aces. Now I do like or even love this brand new 2018 version much better and been on repeat since knowing it’s out. Just pointing out that fact here and now about the 1992 version. You can compare the two because I’ve included both, new one above and the old one below. The new video at the top really does have some great footage of late 70’s in Brisbane, Sydney’s King Cross and then London!

Pre-order the brand new album The Church of Simultaneous Existence here, oh right it’s out this Friday or end of the week. The Aints! are on Aussie tour from late October to early December and dates can be found here! I very much do highly recommend seeing them live, if you can?

Screenshot (5)

Cheers 🙂




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