Classic Albums: Life’ll Kill Ya by Warren Zevon

So next is this artist in my fave albums list is this guy, before I get too far away where he should have been. Maybe, I shouldn’t even said anything about the backwards alphabet because so far it’s pretty much a big fat mess. Could counting him as a “W” artist but should have been in “Z” at least a couple month ago. Maybe, I will not from now on not write about this Z to A order on the post themselves because it’s not really about the music which most people will be looking at for and just some random shit I’m going on about. Do most of you all reading my posts, say to yourself WTF is he talking about now?

Anyway I wasn’t going to included Warren but I’ve had a change of heart now, OK? I’ve known his name since I don’t know when, since the day dot? Everyone must knows him as the 1978’s Werewolves of  London guy, right? I even written him off as a one hit wonder because that song too! I’ve been only really myself been checking him out this year, you know? Since one of my fave singer-songwriters covered him at his solo show I seen at the start of this year. Listening to his back catalog in that time, I’m today picking this as my fave album of his now!

The story goes, what I’ve found out about him and this album is that by this point in the late-90’s Zevon was out of record contact and no one could care less about him. But he still had some famous friends and one day he was playing Jackson Browne what he’s been working on and he was floored by his new stuff but was dumbfounded that he didn’t have deal and no one was going the release these tracks. So good old Jackson himself started to make some calls and pulled some strings for his old mate. Warren got them recorded in 1999 and released the album, January 2000. Cutting the long story that sound like a happy ending shorter within a couple of years of the Life’ll Kill album. He was diagnosed with a cancer named pleural mesothelioma, the illness was terminal and give mere months to live but did made it to September 7th 2003, aged 56. He did get put out a couple more albums before then and the total of dozen studio albums since 1969.

If your a big fan of him I’m telling you nothing new at all here! But this album has become a fast fave of mine and I’m highly recommending today, I’ve just got to included it in my little CA list now.

Life’ll Kill Ya track listing and times:

1. I Was In The House When The House Burned Down – 3:04
2. Life’ll Kill Ya – 2:47
3. Porcelain Monkey – 3:34
4. For My Next Trick I’ll Need A Volunteer – 3:16
5. I’ll Slow You Down – 3:13
6. Hostage-O – 4:06
7. Dirty Little Religion – 3:11
8. Back In The High Life Again – 3:13
9. My Shit’s Fucked Up – 2:46
10. Fistful Of Rain –  5:19
11. Ourselves To Know – 3:18
12. Don’t Let Us Get Sick – 3:05


So this list below are my 112 favorite albums, so far because I’m still counting them up. Now Life’ll Kill Ya by Warren Zevon is the 113th album post!

Who else digs this Warren Zevon album then? Or is it something else by him you like even better?

Cheers 🙂


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