Mojo’s 100 Cult Heroes: 2nd Ten

Or should have I called it part two? Oh well, almost the same thing but not really? It’s been good listening to some of these artists again because I’ve not listened to some in a long old while. Some I did known at the time and pretty much got some of all the others I didn’t but some have been real big keepers but some not so. Maybe it will be different for you too? Anyway let’s got on with the music now!

Townes Van Zandt – Silver Ships Of Andilar

Eden Ahbez  Nature Boy (He’s the songwriter of this song)

The Fugs – Kill For Peace

The Gun Club  Mother Of Earth

Juan García Esquivel – Begin The Beguine

Half Man Half Biscuit – Fuckin’ ‘Ell It’s Fred Titmus

The Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet

Johnny Ace – Pledging My Love

Danny Gatton – Good Enough To Keep

Little Willie John – I’m Shakin’

Who know what act? Or are you a member of any cult?

The Gun Club my second pick of these ten!

Cheers 🙂


  1. Hi William, another interesting list of knowns, unknowns and half-knowns.

    My favourite song is Another Girl Another Planet, which is the only The Only Ones song I know, but it’s great.

    My favourite band here is The Fugs who are fuging hilarious, with so many great songs. I liked The Gun Club for a while but they were never a big fav – maybe I had the wrong albums.

    I had a friend who loved Townes Van Zandt, but … funny how some things make a connection, and other similar things don’t.

    Juan García Esquivel – Begin The Beguine? Cult … I guess, but ..

    Looking forward to your next one

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    1. Oh yeah, that The Only Ones track is totally classic great and The Fugs are such a bloody great band! I do have to say agree with you, they do throw in some that are a bit more just random or something than cult hero! I think are few more like than on this list coming up but mostly mojo mag did get it right-ish for this type of list? Thinking about it more now i do like Townes just a little more than Gun Club but i will blog about them both at some later stage anyway, i guess it’s not everyone cup of tea too! Cheer again Peter and have great weekend too 🙂

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