Wicked Songs: Cabin Fever by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

I’ve caught an autumn flu and I’m bedridden. But sometimes it’s so nice to be sick, don’t you think, because I can go to bed and I don’t have to do anything and I can watch nature documentaries and read books and sleep. The great thing is when I am ill, I have lucid fever dreams. And in these fever dreams whole collections of dresses reveal themselves. They are my Fever Dresses. So all I do is dream the dresses and draw them into a large pad I keep by the bed. What a lovely job! The other great thing is that the husband almost immediately drops what he is doing and looks after me. He understands that we grievers are vulnerable when sick or when tired and need to be brought cups of ginger tea. Unfortunately, he is not here. He is in LA making a new record. Some of his songs reveal themselves at night in his fever dreams. They are his Fever Songs. What lovely jobs we have. Love and lurgies, Susie x

So Susie Bick confirms the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds or almost all music news sites are reporting from this from her website, fashion label and filed under stuff are recording a new album. No one really knows how long they have been there but the next tours starts very early next month.

Now in the past Bad Seeds have recorded whole albums in only two weeks so they don’t need long but maybe it’s just the first sessions? This will be only the second Bad Seeds album done in America, the first and only so far recorded was Henry’s Dream way back in 1992. Done in Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California with Neil Young’s producer David Briggs. But then were so very unhappy with it and they did taken it then to Australia to be re-worked and mixed again all minus two tracks by Tony Cohen, Mick Harvey and Nick himself. The band themselves seem to totally dislike that album even with extra work on it. I’ve called it one of my fave albums and even wrote a whole blog post on it a couple of years ago now, linked here.

Just at a guess? Could Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds finally recording at Nick Launay fave recording studio who done work on all the records’ since 2003’s Nocturama and where Launay mixes pretty much everything he does? He does part-owns the named nicely appropriately the Seedy Underbelly Studio, I don’t know if that is true but that’s just me having a wild crazy guess?

So Susie calls them or some of them, the new song by Nick “his Fever Songs” and he has done tracks based on his dreams before so it will interesting to see/hear what happens with these “Fever Songs” as they’re called. Which now I end up getting to the song of this blog post title 1984’s Cabin Fever because basically it got the word fever in the song title too. Track number two on From Her to Eternity following after the opening song which was the Cohen cover Avalanche. At a little over six minutes and with the music co-written by Blixa Bargeld. Cave’s then long term girlfriend Anita Lane co-wrote the words to the title track of the album too but it’s her given first name in the second line of today’s song Cabin Fever. So finally at the end of this post is…

The Captain’s fore-arm like buncht-up rope
With A-N-I-T-A wrigglin free onto skull’n’dagger
And a portrait of Christ, nailed to an anchor
Etched into the upper,
Slams his fuckin’ tin-dish down
Our Captain, takes time to crush
Some Bloo-Bottles glowing in his gruel
With a lump in his throat, and lumpy mush
Thumbing a scrap book stuck up with clag
And a morbid lump of Love in his flag.
Done is the Missing, now all that remain
Is to sail forever, upon the stain
Cabin Fever! O o o’ Cabin Fever!
The captain’s free-hand is a clearer
Which he fashions his beard’n’he rations his jerkey!
And carves his peg onto the finest mahagony!
Or was it Ebony?
Tallys up his loneliness, notch by notch
For the sea offers nothing to hold or touch
Notch by notch, winter by winter
Notch x notch, winter x winter
Now his leg is whittled, right down to a splinter
O o Cabin Fever! O o o Cabin Fever!
O the rolling sea still rolling on!
She’s everywhere! now that she’s gone! Gone! Gone!
O Cabin Fever! O Cabin Fever!
Welcome to his table, Beloved-Unconscious
Raisin her host of hair from her crooks
And struggling to summony one of her looks!
His arm now like coild s-s-s-snakes
Whips all the bottles that he’s drunken,
Like crystal-skittles about the cabin,
Of a ship they’d bin sailing
Five years sunken

A.L. photo from inside the From Her to Eternity reissue of 2009!

Cheers 🙂


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