Live Gigs: TFS, New War, Time For Dreams & No Zu @ Howler

OK, weekend gig I’ve got to see while over east and the 1st show I’ve got to see on my late September trip over to Melbourne town! I’ve haven’t post about a live gig from a while now here on my blog so when I do it’s me going all the way over east!

This is the first time at Howler, a very cool venue! I’ve seen TFS  one, two, three, four and that’s me counting it up! WOW! Weeee this is the fifth time this year seeing Tropical Fuck Storm, bloody hell I must really love them what do you think? TFS setlist was something like this opening with Chameleon Paint then playing Soft Power, You Let My Tyres Down, Antimatter Animals, The Future of History, Rubber Bullies plus Back To The Wall cover in-between a bit earlier somewhere and closing with The Drones’ Baby Squared. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard frontman standing pretty much in front of me all set, checking them out too. If you’ve still not heard the album A Laughing Death In Meatspace yet? Here it is right now so you can just press play, no reasons not too now!

The second album and very brand new album by the band New War entitled Coin was released just the day before this gig. It’s been a long wait in-between albums, I got to see them a few years back a bit after the self-titled debut album was released in 2012 and is so great seeing they’re back now! Playing all these new songs off course for this set and I really need to listen to this new one way more!

Time For Dreams was my winner of my album of the year last year, I’ve had to come to them to see them live but they didn’t in any way disappoint me. Totally mellow duo comparing them to the later acts on the bill but I love them so much. Playing some of the tracks from that album and then the new single which should number one hit in Australia but’s not and even the B-side The Smiths cover too. I’m so happy I finally got to see them live!

Hearing a lot about No Zu live shows but until that night I’ve not see them yet, well that change now! Well, kind-of because being the last band on the night at somewhere and at 1AM somewhere I hit the wall and had to bail out!

I might as well include all bandcamp player thingos for almost all the acts on the bill, if you do wanna press play from all of these act? You can! Opening band canned at the very last minute and it was a duo opening the night with a name something like Mystery Guest who were cool and have to have a better look for them at a later date or something!

To some it up now quickly if you just wanna read bit at the end of the post: what a night out and they know how to put on a show and half in this city!

P.S. It was for a very good cause too!


Cheers 🙂


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