Classic Albums: I Listen To The Night by Matt Walker

So I think I’ve just gotta have Matt and in small print drummer Ashley Davies. Walker is an Aussie blues slide guitarist-singer-songwriter or well, played as a duo a lot back then but if you were not there you’ve mostly likely not ever heard of him? This it his or their debut released in 1997, yeah yet another 90’s album! He’s still around today and playing gigs here in Oz, I’ve notices he’s got a pile of shows or a tour with Aussie singer Tex Perkins in this and next month, if you wanna check him or them out live? Back in the 90’s I got to see them play a lot of shows together, most likely are even better live really? Bigger names they did supported who I got to see as well were the likes of Dirty Three, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Patti Smith and Bob Dylan.

Talking of Dylan, here on this album is were I mostly hear Rocks And Gravel song first, widely bootleg Bobby song but Walker gives credited to the old blues guy who wrote it. When Dylan did official release it in 2015 he gave himself the songwriting credit, maybe just a mistake?

Walker & Davis does cover some other truly great old blues songs here. I guess, you could say he’s not really doing anything totally mind-blowing new here but Matt & Ash just continues the traditional blues thingo in the 90’s but he does do it very wickedly great! Then did write some great new ones to go with them too.

Once again Matt is not at all related to Scott or even Don, just a popular last name in music, I guess? Try to break them up a little bit but they’re all together!

So that’s my final “W” album in my list faves, unless I’ve forgotten something else? Next is “V” & “U” acts’ albums and hopefully will not take a couple of months or more to write and post up?

I Listen To The Night track list and songwriting credits:

1. All By Myself – written by Big Bill Broonzy
2. I Listen To The Night – written by B. Smith & M. Walker
3. This Broken Sky – written by M. Walker
4. You Tell Me Why – written by Ron Elliott
5. Danielle – written by M. Walker
6. Rocks And Gravel – written by Mance Lipscomb
7. Walk On – written by Brownie McGhee & Ruth McGhee
8. I Can Tell – written by Ashley Davies
9. Got You On My Mind – written by Howard Biggs & Joe Thomas
10. Catch That Plane – written by M. Walker
11. I’m A King Bee -written by James H. Moore


So this list below are my 114 favorite albums, so far because I’m still counting them up. Now I Listen To The Night by Matt Walker is the 115th album post!

Who else digs this Matt Walker album then? Or wanna say something about it?

Cheers 🙂




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