Live Gigs: Little Ugly Girls & Mod Con @ The Gaso

So here’s the next and 2nd gig on my little trip to Melbourne town at the end of this month! That’s The Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood which is my very first time there and little or so much more my kind-of place really but that’s just comparing it to the Howler from the other night.

This band was a little like an Aussie music urban legend or something, you know? Since the 90’s the band Little Ugly Girls have only played a few gigs and refused to go and recorded they songs in a recording studio! Until earlier this year and now finally releasing the debut after like 30 year or something. So unbelievably I got to see them do the album launch last night! Oh my god, they were so wicked to finally see live! So just got to included bandcamp player for anyone who wants a listen?

As like some kind-of wicked luck would have it, I also got to see Mod Con too who were just the support band but oh my I love them so much too! Seeing Erica Dunn up the front singing and hearing these track played live was just bloody great, the album released back in April has become one my fast faves this year! Once again just got to included bandcamp player for anyone who wants a listen now?

Opening up the night was Bonnie Mercer playing solo guitar feedback noisy stuff, gotta check her out more too!

It’s yet another great night out of live music in Melbourne. So have blog it in my live gigs diary post!


Cheers 🙂

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