Live Gigs: Liars @ ACMI

Here’s the 3rd gig I got to see in Melbourne town and the last one before flying back west! These guys have such amazing live show reputation so somehow all the plants must have been lined or something for me somehow getting to see these three in a row gigs these that I’ve blog about in the last week but then again I think could come to this city anytime and find something at least, good to see!

The perfect venue of ACMI for Liars, that’s the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne’s Federation Square which is like both a kind-of  museum and cinema. So never seen a band here before but it’s where Liars where played live last night. I’ve checked this place out before, maybe the best exhibition type thing I’ve seen here before was a few years ago with a huge show on David Bowie and was before he passed away too! Last night and until the seventh of next month is Wonderland, that’s like Alice in… a whole history of the lead up to the book being published and something from or about every single film version of Alice in Wonderland and oh my god a lot have been made, you know? It’s pretty great so check it out if you are in town!

I’m a bit of a later comer to the Liars, maybe two years, I was only intro to them but after the show last night they’re my new fave band. Seeing them with now Australian Angus Andrew as the only founding and constant member left. Andrew formed Liars in early 2000’s in Los Angeles at Cal Arts, while studying in the Photography. The ninth studio album is just being released this/next month entitled Titles with the Word Fountain which follows last year’s album TFCF. Also the new album was recorded during the same sessions as it’s 2017 predecessor “To me it’s more like a sequel” Andrew has said about it. The soundtrack to the film called 1/1 has also been release this year as well. I think, it was Laurence Pike from PVT on drums last night but I might be wrong so maybe don’t quote me until I can double check that somehow? Lairs now really could be the bloody best of all these bands I’ve been seeing in the last few days and Angus Andrew performed the whole show in a wedding dress too! Go and see them in Sydney and Wollongong, if you can?

I did pick up this brand new 7″ vinyl single LAMC #18 at the merch stand which is signed by Angus with two little x’s on both side as his name! So seem I’ve included some in the last two live gigs posts here’s just one more bandcamp player thingo you can press play on now, if you wanna?

The cool local support was a band calling themselves Go Get Mum who did even joke are nothing like the main act which once again I have to check out more later on sometime soon.


Thanks yet again Melbourne for all the amazing live music and hopefully I’ll see you again sometime?

Cheers 🙂


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