Mojo’s 100 Cult Heroes: 7th Ten

Big Star – Kangaroo

Joe Meek – I Hear A New World

Van Dyke Parks – Yellow Magic Carnival

Pixies – Gigantic

Kevin Ayers – Religious Experience AKA Singing a Song in the Morning

Warren Zevon – My Shit’s Fucked Up

The Bevis Frond – Portobello Man

The Raspberries – Go All The Way

The Triffids – Unmade Love

Wire – I Am The Fly

Does anyone wanna say something this ten?

All these cult acts have dark photos so it’s The Triffids in a nice bright pic!

Cheers 🙂


  1. Wire is a band that I’ve never listened to much of, but really, I think they’re really cool. I featured them recently, and I’ll try to keep them in mind. (I have 3 stacks and 2 boxes of CDs that “I’m trying to keep in mind”, and the rest of the CDs are in the closet.)

    I have a soft spot for Syd Barrett; I think ‘Here I Go’ is a great song.

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    1. Oh man, you should just get them all out of the boxes or closet a pile them up on your coffee table or somewhere? That’s where I’ve got mine ones, well on a second one because I’ve got a pile of my books to read on the main one! Yeah, I really to just get a bookcase but maybe you don’t like having a big mess around! Anyway Wire and Syd both great and cheers yet again mate!


    1. Oh yeah, Joe Meek is on the next mojo list I’m going to blog about as well, he’s pretty great! Do you like a bit of mojo magazine too? Nice to hear for you again and cheers to you! 🙂


  2. Hi William, Another interesting list, including some relatively well-known bands – the Pixies and the Triffids – who are almost too popular to be ‘cult’. According to Wikipedia ‘A film, book, musical artist, television series or video game, … is said to have a cult following when it has a small but very passionate fanbase.’ The ones I’ve never heard of are more obvious cult-artists.

    Anyway, I guess the Triffs were never mainstream, and few of my group of friends were really into them (‘stuck in the 60s/70s’) so I did feel a bit culty following them in the 80s. They are, of course, my pick of this group, being one of my favs since the early 80s.

    The Pixies I like of course.
    Big Star are a famous ‘overlooked’ group, so I sought them out in the past – they’re ok, but not my thing.
    Kevin Ayers is very ‘cult’, but never listened much to him.
    Warren Zevon, I guess I overlooked after Werewolf of London (which was good but I kind of put him in a ‘pop’ box and didn’t follow him up).

    Thanks for all the interesting stuff.

    Cheers. Peter

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    1. Oh yeah, i totally agree with you with on some of mojo mag’s picks as cult acts! Maybe the only thing I could say is, it was first published in the year 2000 and some acts might have got more popular since then with reunions and reissues?
      I’ve only really just got into Warren Zevon, very under-rated songwriter this year after The Drones, TFS main man covered that song at his live solo gig and after listening to him for the last 8 months I did pick out this album as my fave:
      if you wanna check out more of his music reco by me?
      Cheers yet again 🙂

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