New Music: An Australian Alien by Joe McKee

Time to write something about totally brand new music or albums now! We are into the tenth month of this year and I’ve written about only few but not much. So kicking off with Joe McKee’s second album entitled An Australian Alien, it’s been such or way too long since his debut solo album Burning Boy of 2012. Expanding on this new one what he started so long ago now with this follow up album so he’s adding strings, piano, synth, saxophone, trumpet etc. Now it was only released late last month so this very quick for me to write something about it but I’m totally loving it so much, I’ve just gotta share it on my blog right now!

I’m been waiting for something new by him so long, I’ve almost forgotten him but it’s thanks to Shags Chamberlain who email on the weekend. I’ve been email by artists/acts before but I haven’t known who there are, sorry to them. When I seen that name and Joe McKee for A1000MISTAKES as the email title, I was like WTF!!! Maybe Aussie musos do look at my little music blog? Bloody hell, I should do a little bit better job at it!

Joe McKee in the 2000’s did three amazing cool wicked albums with the band Snowman and mainly wrote his debut Burning Boy album in London but came home to Perth W.A. to record it. So much more a solo album, slowing a much more mellow side and totally stripping his songs back to the bone after Snowman the band broken-up.

Around the time of that debut solo album I did see him play those songs two, no three times live. The most eventful gig was when McKee unplugged his semi-acoustic and walked out to beer garden, called us crowd to come with him to play the rest of his set out there as well as playing the songs he bum a smoke, sat in a cute girl’s lap and then try or almost kiss me! Yeah, Joe came in so close to my lips I was thinking he was but just sung the lyrics like that but shaking my hand afterwards and saying thanks for playing along!

So it seems Joe’s been in America and LA city for the last few years where he wrote and recorded this new album. Shags Chamberlain join him on almost all these new songs, I know his name and you might too? Previous worked on two of my 2010’s fave Aussie album Lost Animal 2011’s Ex Tropical album and Black Cab 2014’s Games Of The XXI Olympiad, has been in groups like Ash Ra Tempel Experience, Pikelet, The Ca$inos, The Smallgoods and still can’t believe about that email. ‎McKee is also joined by a whole pile of other musos to have made An Australian Alien album with, full credits can be found on his bandcamp page and here’s his website, if you wish to check him out more?

I don’t really like pulling thing apart like a normal music journalists should do on my blog or even reviewing things properly, I’m NOT really one of those but I’m posting it because I totally love it and giving you the streaming players thingo to hit play, if you wish? Some known facts and my experience of listening to him and then seeing him live a few years back too! I guess, my main problem reviewing new albums and why I don’t do it much is most music journalists tell you what to think about the music like you can’t think yourself about or they’re right about it and everyone else is wrong or something? Anyway I’m getting side track again but I’m guessing spacey and dreamy might be two words hit around when talking about McKee’s An Australian Alien album. In my ideal world everyone in the whole world should be listening to this new album all together but they’re not, it’s whatever the hell is topping the charts right now? Which I wouldn’t even have clue what that is because I’m listening to this and you can too?

An Australian Alien track listing and times:

1. A Pixelated Conversation – 3:58
2. Joe’s Wild Imagination – 5:12
3. A Yolk He’d Never Seen – 3:36
4. I Want To Be Your Wife – 2:59
5. I’ll Be Your Host – 4:49
6. On An Amniotic Ocean – 4:43
7. Outside The Flesh Machine – 5:18
8. Requiem For That Mouse – 6:27
9. Polysong For Juniper – 7:47


Cheers 🙂


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