Cover Versions: Fleetwood Mac’s Gold Dust Woman by Julia Holter & The Chain by Liars

Julia HolterGold Dust Woman

LiarsThe Chain

I haven’t done that much cover songs this year, have I? Anyway I think this just might be the first of a few posts, the next set on stuff I dig from Mojo magazine and before doing the another list or chart by them.

The so-called “free” CD that comes with the mag is pretty cool. Some of the best or interesting ones are when they do a whole great classic album in full but with hand picked new acts covering the old tracks. So these two tracks came from a whole disc called Rumours Revisited: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac’s Classic 1977 Album in Mojo magazine of January 2013. If you want the full track listing it’s linked here, if you wanna find out more? But mainly one or two tracks are bigger highlights for me, for one reason or another.

I’m really not the biggest fan of soft rock, I don’t know if any readers have been able to tell yet? My old folks were fans of Fleetwood Mac so they got played a lot to say the least but that one didn’t rub off on me, well not this time. So it’s pretty funny I’ve picked out this one too start with, hey?

If I remember right? Scott Walker had a big huge interview in the same mag too but I spilled a whole pot of coffee on it so that one was totally destroy. I’ve love Julia Holter since her debut album and I was very pleased she got the best song or Stevie Nicks’ anthem. Maybe, I’m re-listening to this one after seeing the Lairs live last month? Anyway I hope you enjoy these two covers?


Cheers 🙂


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