Classic Albums: Tramp by Sharon Van Etten

Continuing with my fave albums list today and it does seems right doing this one after Van Etten dropped her brand new song a few days ago from her coming early next year album, linked here if you haven’t heard it yet?

Once again, I don’t know what to say about this album, it’s her third released early 2012. Sharon history and career is well detail elsewhere and I really don’t feel like recycling that yet again here, OK? Since posting up my last CA album on this little list of mine, I’ve put this one and try but not written anything every single I’ve been listening. Not that’s a bad thing really, I’m just taken away by her music to another place. Another place where, I guess writing endless blog posts don’t matter! It shouldn’t be about that anyway, right? I do get a little carry away with blogging and been going a little mad later too, hey?

I have said before I’m not much of a reviewer or even very unprofessional blogger, like what the hell have even wrote about one of my fave albums of all-time, so far? Not much! I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that like looking at reviews at the time, they are not saying and great deal too, I’m bored by all of them but I hate reading reviews so I have no idea why I am? Not even one review have rated it five out of five or ten stars or how ever they rate it? Sorry to all you reviewers but Tramp album is totally beyond perfect but that’s why I’m not one, I guess?

OK, I will say after still saying pretty much nothing but Serpents is a hot fave to be named a track I love a little the more than the others. When seeing Sharon Van Etten live a few years back she intro-ed it as her first “Rock” song she wrote. Seeing her live was unbelievably wicked and I just wanted to die!

At some stage in the last few years the demos of the Tramp was made available by her record label in one of those deluxe edition. Now I never have and don’t normally included the demos on my CA posts but here for the very first time. They’re just as so bloody amazing because just for the fact it’s just her and guitar in rawest form, plays keyboards on Magic Chords. Opening with the very rare track Tell Me non-album song and then the 12 tracks from Tramp in order. Yeah, it had a funny self-portrait line drawing on the front cover!

Tramp track listing and times:

1. Warsaw – 2:27
2. Give Out – 4:19
3. Serpents – 3:02
4. Kevin’s – 4:02
5. Leonard – 3:48
6. In Line – 4:44
7. All I Can – 4:54
8. We Are Fine 03:49
9. Magic Chords – 3:56
10. Ask – 3:21
11. I’m Wrong – 3:55
12. Joke Or A Lie – 4:02


This list below are my 115 favorite albums, so far because I’m still counting them up. Now Tramp by Sharon Van Etten is the 116th album post!

Who else digs this Sharon Van Etten album then? Or wanna say something about it?

Cheers 🙂


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