Cover Versions: New Order’s Ultraviolence by Seekae & Leave Me Alone by Destroyer


DestroyerLeave Me Alone

I think, I might do a top five or just my fave five covered CD’s by Mojo mag. Now they have done way more of these type of give away discs so who knows I might change my mind at a later date sometime and add to these five that I’m going to post? After say the Fleetwood Mac one that I blog a couple of days ago, I think I like this New Order one next the best. Simply called Power Corruption & Lies Covered with Mojo in February 2012 and here’s a link to the full track listing because like just the other day I’m just picking out a couple of my faves from the cover album to feature on my blog.

I can’t say I’m a big New Order fan but an ex-gf got me into them but I was always like Joy Division is better, the complete asshole that I can be. I think today’s post is the first on those bands, if you can count covers of their songs as a post about them?


Cheers 🙂



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