Top Ten Tracks: Kate Bush

So next up from my top ten tracks is Catherine, maybe a bit odd following Pink Floyd but fun fact is David Gilmour got one of her earliest demo tape and had something to do helping her as a teenager getting a record deal or something? Everyone must know her by now, right?

I did read she releasing a book of her selected lyrics in December, pre-order that here and if you want more? Remastered reissue of all her albums plus her rare tracks and covers are coming November, check out full details here. Anyway here’s my faves of Bush, it’s a mix of hit singles and non-single songs which are…

Wuthering Heights – The Kick Inside (1978)

Babooshka – Never for Ever (1980)

Get Out of My House – The Dreaming (1982)

Hounds of Love – Hounds of Love (1985)

Cloudbusting – Hounds of Love (1985)

Don’t Give Up –  So (1986) Peter Gabriel duet

Rubberband Girl –  The Red Shoes (1993)

Why Should I Love You? – The Red Shoes (1993)

Mrs. Bartolozzi – Aerial (2005)

How to Be Invisible – Aerial (2005)

So counting up the tracks I’ve three songs each from the earlier albums from 1978 to 1982. Then two cuts from the epic mid-80’s record and then then the duet with Gabriel from his album. Then two tracks each from a 90’s album and a 2000’s album too. Three way tie with records Aerial, The Red Shoes and Hounds of Love but it’s Aerial I’ll name as my all-time fave Kate album. I’ve already wrote a whole blog about that about two year ago now which if you need more by Kate today, please go and visit that post here! I think done some other Kate posts but that the main one, OK?

So now I’ve got to ask? Who’s going to share your own fave KB songs with me now?

It’s early 80’s Kate!

Cheers 🙂


  1. I don’t have much crossover – just Wuthering Heights and Cloudbusting:

    Wuthering Heights
    Moments of Pleasure
    Love and Anger
    Running Up That Hill
    Night of the Swallow
    Experiment IV
    Snowed In At Wheeler Street

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