Top Ten Tracks: Led Zeppelin

I kind-of was saying yesterday, it’s going to be back to back Led Zep posts! As I was saying then I was a big fan in high school, played them and Floyd the most or way too much, before getting into 80’s trash metal which might to do a couple of posts about very soon. In truth I don’t put them on much these days but it was fun putting this little list together. Off course millions of people still love them so much I guess, these blog posts are making a my own little record of my own personal faves by them and everyone else I can think to do next? Monday does seem to be the day I’m posting the latest set of these posts on so far, might change but I’ll try to keep it that for at least a little while. Anyway that’s the tiny intro over because what else do or could I say about these guys?

Here’s my top 10 tracks…

Dazed and Confused – I (1969)

Heartbreaker – II (1969)

Immigrant Song – III (1970)

Misty Mountain Hop – IV (1971)

The Rain Song – Houses of the Holy (1973)

Over the Hills and Far Away – Houses of the Holy (1973)

No Quarter – Houses of the Holy (1973)

Custard Pie – Physical Graffiti (1975)

Kashmir – Physical Graffiti (1975)

Sick Again – Physical Graffiti (1975)

So the count-up is one track each from the first four albums and if I remember right? I think, three of them are opening songs on the A side or B side of the records? Then comes three tracks each from both the next couple of records to complete my ten fave songs by them. So I guess those two LP’s are tied as my fave by them!

So who’s going to share your own fave Led Zep song/s with me now?

70’s Led Zep!

Cheers 🙂


  1. Years ago I was flying out of Birmingham East Midlands airport after blagging an extra weekend to myself on a work jolly when I was standing in line to pay for magazines. At the time I had exceptionally big long permed hair (twas the fashion…) and I was standing behind a guy with almost identical locks. The queue was taking time so I got to thinking what kind of man had big blond hair like my own. And I thought, Robert Plant, as you do. And the guy in front moved to the till and paid for his newspaper. And turned around to leave as I walked to take his place. And I looked at him, and nearly dropped dead. It was Robert Plant. I think he gets that a lot.

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    1. You do meet the famous in odd spots but i think you have told me this before sometime but it’s pretty great tale so i don’t mind! 🙂 Are you going to name your fave led zep songs now? Or is that just tooooooo hard to do?

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  2. What can I remember?

    The one and only Track of all time from LZ for me is:
    Trampled under foot (because it was my first from them)
    than the other 9 numbers:

    2. Stairway to…
    3. D’yer Maker
    4. Ocean
    5. Boggie with Stu
    6. In the light
    7. All my love
    8. gellow spole
    9. Immigrant song
    10. In the evening

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    1. Cheers man for sharing your fave LZ songs 🙂
      BTW I’ll check out and have a listen to your all your next set of songs/albums in the next couple of days sometime and get back to you with some feedback or something, OK?

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