Cover Versions: Syd Barrett’s No Good Trying by J Mascis & Golden Hair by Hope Sandoval

J MascisNo Good Trying

Hope SandovalGolden Hair

That’s J from Dinosaur Jr. and Hope from Mazzy Star or that’s both solo artists who are better known for bands, off course Syd’s from Pink Floyd too and these are two covers of his debut solo album. Taking out my second place in Mojo mag’s free CD full albums covered and the one that goes under the name: The Madcap Laughs Again! Was with Mojo magazine March 2010 issue. I’ve bang on about how much I love Syd on my blog before so should be that much of an amazing surprise I wanted to blog post this one, is it now? The full track listing can be found over here, if for reason you wanna check it out? Who dig these two then?


Cheers 🙂



    1. Well, these two were really easy to find on YouTube so maybe the rest is on it too? Or maybe you can find a copy of the disc somewhere? The whole comp was pretty great if your a Syd fan! Glad you enjoy these two covers 🙂 cheers for letting me know tooooo!

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