Magazines: Mojo magazine 2005/6

Continuing my blogging about totally pointless stuff but seems I’m blogging about some some tracks from Mojo’s freebies CD’s now and did finished the 100 cult heroes list a few weeks back, here’s a little more about some more older issues because I did find some good stuff in these. Looking back at ones I’ve still got and I’ll think go up, well a few years plus including some highlight songs written about in each issue just to make it a little less boring, enjoy!


January 2005 Issue #134: Cave’s Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus double album wins Mojo album of 2004. Plus a cartoon Nick dressed a Santa driving the reindeer sleigh with elves Prince and Bjork sitting next to him. Nick is the mojo interview where he looks back over his whole career but the best quote came when talking about one of the two title tracks of that album:

“I remember sitting in my office working on the last verse sings “She said to Orpheus/If you play that thing fucking thing down I’ll shove it up your… “I though, “Arse? Nope, bum? No, then I got it “Orifice” so fucking great I took the day off after that.”

The cover Nirvana story was tie-in with the box-set With the Lights Out release but was really about the late-80’s time of the band up to with the last line of the feature saying Dave Grohl on 22nd Sept. 1990 was watching them from the audience. Other two main features on Donovan and photos of Hendrix. Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Rós as Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan last night a record changed my life. Real gone has Ol’ Dirty Bastard rapper and Monks drummer Roger Johnston R.I.P.

In the best thing I’ve heard all year bit Tom Waits says Shakin’ The Rafters by Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir, Under The Direction of Professor Alex Bradford and it’s bloody great stuff! Other albums of 2004 worth noting here were Mark Lanegan’s Bubblegum at number five, Sufjan Stevens’ Seven Swans at number 17 and Waits’ Real Gone got number 28 plus Tommy got a live in London review too!


April 2005 Issue #137: Huge big epic JD cover story, then Dr. John gets the mojo interview, Antony and The Johnsons get first big feature, 60’s surfers Jan & Dean and Jamaican Count Ossie as the other bigger articles this month.

Mark E. Smith picks The Stooges’ Fun House for last night a record changed my life plus whatever the hell is unsung hero of the year? Readers poll name The Fall front-man as that and also Brian Wilson better late than never Smile wins readers poll album of 2004.

How to buy was soul Stax and Volt record label with Otis Blue by Otis Redding voted at number one spot. All back to my place has William Shatner naming Neil Diamond’s Hot August Night, probably as his all-time fave album, Solomon Burke says it’s by Van Morrison but doesn’t name one by the title and Boy George just lists Edwin Hawkins Singers, Al Green, Bowie and Nina Simone. Beyond Punk free CD is my fave one of this years give-a-ways.


August 2005 Issue #141: The White Stripes Brazil tour is the cover story, then Iggy Pop does his mojo interview, 50’s rocker Bo Diddley and 80’s pop-stars Madness are the other big feature this month. Mojo does their own award show which is a bit pointless but it takes a few years for them to realize it.

Buried Treasure was Soul Murder by Barry Adamson were in 1992 he casts a black man as James Bond, when will Hollywood ever catch up? How to buy original ska is voted for and number one is The Skatalites’ Foundation Ska and hello goodbye is Doug Yale and his time in The Velvet Underground. Last night a record changed my life was Chris Hillman on Newport Folk Festival 1960 Vol. 2 by Various Artists.

Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté’s In The Heart Of The Moon album is lead review of new stuff with a very colorful illustration and the only one I own from all of this month reviews. Mojo did send me even in Australia, one of the free Devendra Banhart DVDs after answering one too easy question but an ex-gf ran off with it so after years of reading and trying win shit from them, I don’t have it anymore!


December 2005 Issue #145: Kate’s next front cover is a big huge interview with her plus the Aerial album gets five gold stars, named an instant classic in lead review. Hendrix early younger days are explored, Alice Cooper 70’s total excess and Debbie Harry got the mojo interview are the other big features in this mag.

Zen Arcade by Hüsker Dü take out top spot with votes for how to buy SST record label beating both Double Nickels On the Dime by Minutemen on second and Damaged by Black Flag at third. Jon Bon Jovi does the worst self portrait ever and last night a record changed my life with My Morning Jacket’s Jim James on First Thangs by Parliament.

The only other new albums I own from this month reviews is Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ The Proposition soundtrack which only got three stars and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s live album Summer In the Southeast got four stars which I totally love both, myself I would give them five but I guess that’s why I’m not a good reviewer? Like A Rolling Stone is voted Dylan best song by readers, off course which I ask why bother to ask because you know the answer already?


January 2006 Issue #146: The only Bruce front cover mag I’ve got after his last album I really did love of his entitled Devils & Dust. Pubic Enemy’s Chuck D has the mojo interview and David Gray names Spirit Of Eden by Talk Talk as his last night a record changed my life.

In the best thing I’ve heard all year bit The Go-Betweens’ Robert Forster named The Well by Smog. Counting down the 50 albums of I’ve got a lot of these ones but I don’t think I’m listing them all. So it’s the only time I’ve got the top four: #4 Devil & Dust by Bruce, #3 Aerial by Kate Bush, #2 Funeral by Arcade Fire and…

I Am A Bird Now by Antony and The Johnsons win album of 2005. The Greatest album by Cat Power was the lead review that month with Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine, Akron/Family & Angels Of Light self-titled album and Laughing Clowns complete recordings reissue all getting four stars reviews each which I do own. Volume 1 of Born In The USA free CD is most likely my fave one this year but I didn’t buy a second copy of the whole thing again just to get volume 2, piss off!


August 2006 Issue #153: Another Thom front cover but this time it was really for his debut solo album then but he does talk what Radiohead were working on at that time, the album later called In Rainbow. His The Eraser album was the lead review too with illustration of Yorke like he as staring the 80’s Tron movie or something?

Buried treasure is 1995’s Waterpistol by Shack which is well worth checking out, you know? Elsewhere in this month’s reviews the DVD of the movie which Nick Cave scripted The Proposition gets only three stars so they really didn’t like that at all! Other big feature was John Martyn doing his mojo interview.

The totally pointless mojo awards again but Nick Cave does give Rosanne Cash an award for her dad. Both Rosanne and Johnny Cash has a big write-up with his mainly focus his less known decades from early-mid 70’s to late 80’s or around about that time which does have some really stuff there, if you explore it. For last night a record changed my life Lampchop’s Kurt Wagner says Allman Brothers Band Live at Fillmore East.


September 2006 Issue #154: Syd passed away a makes the front cover. Now I notices Mojo website has the wrong cover there, it’s got almost the same black & white image of him and also the red & white text but that has been re-done and different order. Finding the right one somewhere else online but above is in my hands and the one in front of me. Maybe Dylan was suppose to have been on the cover before Syd die because he’s got the biggest write-ups here.

Other bigger features are the Sparks duo are doing the mojo interview together. Sly And Robbie the reggae kings, Joan Baez the folk queen. A couple of pages on Jose Gonzalez, Muse’s Matt Bellamy on Tom Waits’ Mule Variations for last night a record changed my life.

How to buy horror soundtracks are voted for with Psycho score by Bernard Herrmann winning the top spot. The only two then new albums reviewed that I own are Aussie duo of Ron Peno and Kim Salmon The Darling Downs’ How Can I Forget This Heart Of Mine? and Various Artists’ Rogue’s Gallery in small print says pirate ballads, sea songs & chanteys.

So that’s what I find interesting looking back in these old issues but who know if anyone wants to read/look at it as a blog post? Four mags from the year 2005 and then three from 2006 is the final score for me!

Cheers 🙂


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