Magazines: Mojo Magazines 2007/8

So just continuing on from yesterdays’ post here is some more shit I found interesting once, re-reading bits and pieces now plus for some unknown reason blogging about it. I’ll embedded some songs highlights that just seem totally random but are written about in these issues, if anyone cares at all? I don’t know? Enjoy, maybe?


February 2007 Issue #159: Even better, bigger JD article than the one in my last post. With this time Throbbing Gristle singer Genesis P. Orridge saying he/she spoke to Ian on the telephone the night he killed myself which Curtis was singing TG’s Weeping song over the phone, bloody hell!

On the free CD named after JD greatest song which is all previous released stuff excepted for The Jesus And Mary Chain singer Jim Reid covering The Saints’ (I’m) Stranded for some reason? Nick Cave previews new project were he starts playing electric guitar in Grinderman so mojo just calls them the hobby band of 2007. Pete Seeger gets a few pages, early 80’s British heavy metal gets some and John Cale has his mojo interview.

Alex Tuner interviews John Cooper Clarke who earlier convinced them to keep the name as Arctic Monkeys when everyone else telling them to come up with a new one. Belinda Carlisle names Raw Power as last night a record changed my life, The Sugarcubes live reunion in Reykjavik and John Foxx talks about Holger Czukay album entitled Movies as the buried treasure bit. Lead review of then brand new album by The Fall Reformation Post TLC even has Mark E. Smith looney tunes illustration “That’s NOT all folks!” Plus very small interview with him.


May 2007 Issue #162: So AM get first front cover just as their second album is coming out but I think I’m way more interested in the Tom Waits interview feature. Joe Strummer film, late 70’s disco, The Proclaimers, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has his mojo interview are the other main stories.

Last post I named all the last night the a record changed my life and looks like I’m doing that again because I really love that bit, this month Bloc Party frontman talks Young Team by Mogwai. How to buy U2 votes are counted with top three albums as: #1 Joshua Tree, #2 Achtung Baby and #3 Boy.

The Horrors’ Spider Wedd does buried treasure with early 70’s self-titled album by Luv Machine. New bit called R’N’R Confidential has Tori Amos interviewed where also she picks her five power tunes with Bowie’s Queen Bitch, Pretenders’ Tatooed Love Boys, Specials’ Ghost Town, Hendrix’s Are You Experienced? and Billie Holiday’s Anything.


April 2007 Issue #161: Another Iggy cover with big comeback feature on Stooges with Bobby Gillespie on Raw Power, Perry Farrell on Fun House and Alice Cooper on the debut self-titled album a little about the new album The Weirdness too. Stooges Jukebox free CD is just compiled by Pop but it’s 15 great tracks and my fave free disc from this year!

Grinderman debut self-titled is reviewed which got four stars with little tiny Cave interview and is the only one I own from all this stuff. All back to my place is David Lynch who pick both Rubber Soul and Revolver by The Beatles as his all-time fave album, well probably. How to buy Stevie Wonder is votes topped by 1973’s Innervisions album. Last night a record changed my life has Maria McKee on Fool Around by Rachel Sweet.

The Bad Seeds/Grinderman bass player Martyn P. Casey talks about his 80’s band with The Triffids in hello goodbye bit. Oh, the main features are Bright Eyes, R.I.P. Ahmet Ertegun, Ronnie Wood mojo interview, Pentangle, Supremes and god help me Phil Collins’ Genesis.


November 2007 Issue #168: Blondie’s Debbie Harry gets the front cover with a huge late 70’s-early 80’s new wave A to Z type feature which takes up half the mag’s main features with A for Adam Ant to Z for The Zippers also UK and US top 10 singles as picked by mojo. I’ve picked Harry as the feature image like I did with Bush yesterday on my blog because it seems very few female artists get a mojo front cover!

Suicide duo of Alan Vega and Martin Rev gets a few pages with Nick Cave and his drummer Jim Sclavunos on why they matter so much! Anton Corbijn talks his Ian Curtis biopic, Jools Holland has the mojo interview and then Liam Gallagher talks totally rubbish which is entertaining but he might be most famous for now because I forget which band he sung in once?

The free CD was very unhealthy theme but it was so wicked cool and the newest song on it was Four Cigarettes by Malcolm Middleton, bloody great. Interpol’s frontman on Ritual De Lo Habitual by Jane’s Addiction for last night a record changed my life and R.E.M.’s Mike Mills on Gyrate by Pylon in buried treasure bit. Votes for how to buy Post-Rock are counted and it’s Tortoise’s Millions Now Living Will Never Die coming in on top.


February 2008 Issue #171: Radiohead front cover again which might be the last time, well it’s the last one I’ve got in my pile so maybe I missed one but I don’t think so? In Rainbow album interviews with all members. Joni Mitchell for mojo interview, The Cult has a few pages on them, 1968’s Odessey And Oracle album by The Zombies gets some pages. The ok_computer disc is my fave for freebies this year.

After a little in the last issue I’d buy my childhood hero Adam Ant gets a full main feature. Led Zep one off live reunion has a couple of pages on it. Vanessa Paradis’ last night a record changed my life with What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye, I’ll pick out the Foals as the best new act from the 8 for 2008 bit.

Lead review is Rufus Does Judy At Carnegie Hall album but only gets three stars but I think it just might be the very best thing he’s ever done, then again I’ve been known to love cover albums. How to buy Can is won by Ege Bamyasi album and then Jello Biafra say hello and goodbye to The Dead Kennedys.


May 2008 Issue #174: My first Neil front cover but he’s had a few by this time, again this issue is not on mojo website for some unknown reason? Then I was more interested in Postishead, Adrian Utley tells the readers: “The next album will not take 10 years, I assure you.” but hate to say it’s just over that now and no sign of a new one by them at all! The Specials, The Black Keys have big write-ups, Steve Earle has his mojo interview and some old 1966 Dylan photos.

Jethro Tull with Nick Cave talks about them, even says Grinderman soundcheck with songs from Jethro Tull’s Aqualung album so quote him: “We do a mean version of Locomotive Breath complete with the entire pseudo-classical section at the start.” Now why didn’t Grinderman release a whole Aqualung cover album as a third album by them? Or at least that mean Locomotive Breath cover? Never know! Anyway that’s the main feature articles this month.

Bjork names Joni Mitchell’s 1977 Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter album as her all-time fave in all back to my place bit but goes on to say “I don’t like her hippy folk stuff so much.” Joe Satriani picks Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland off course as his last night a record changed my life, I dig the buried treasure as Half Baked by Jimmy Campbell. Then Aretha Franklin’s I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You tops how to buy classic soul divas.


September 2008 Issue #178: Finally I buy a mojo Beatles front cover mag because The White Album is pretty much my all-time fave record by them. Now I did get the next issue which had Queen on the front but I don’t know where it is gone? This cover album comp did just missed out being blogged about in some of my cover versions posts but here’s Aussie Gabriella Cilmi doing one of McCartney’s most hated songs.

Follow The Leader by Eric B. & Rakim is Roots Manuva’s last night a record changed my life. Then Randy Newman has his mojo interview taken, 60’s Marianne Faithfull, 70’s punk Poly Styrene and X-Ray Spex, R.E.M. is back touring this year but 80’s Murmur album article is better and Richard Thompson’s son Teddy all have bigger features.

So I’ve not included anything from time machine bit but here’s September 1982 with Anti Nowhere League doing So What which was found to be “obscene” so the police destroyed something like 8,000 copies of the vinyl singles. Lee “Snatch” Perry does return to Kingston only to make a video clip and Tom Waits live review in Mobile, Alabama.


December 2008 Issue #181: Cohen comeback makes his first ever front cover for mojo and the covers of the free CD are pretty cool. Metallica’s James Hetfield does his mojo interview, they also revisit 90’s The Black Album, John Mellencamp, Mogwai, Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright R.I.P and…

Grace Jones are the big features this month. Pete Molinari talks about Live At Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash as his last night a record changed my life, The Beatles’ drummer before Ringo was Pete Best and he names The White Album by you know who as his all-time fave album in all back to my place bit.

80’s post-punks Magazine are re-forming and on the comeback trail too, more 80’s post-punks were in buried treasure bit with Fiction Tales by Modern Eon. How to buy Robert Wyatt has 1974’s Rock Bottom album on top.

Four and four from both of these years! Are these posts totally pointless or what? Might try something a little different tomorrow!

Cheers 🙂


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