Cover Versions: Leonard Cohen’s So Long Marianne by Bill Callahan & One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong by Father John Misty

Bill CallahanSo Long Marianne

Father John MistyOne Of Us Cannot Be Wrong

OK, This is the very last post about Mojo mag because I’ve blogged it to death and now it’s really about time to do something else! But as promised one more on a couple of covers from my fave album covered in full which is Cohen, off course. Simply called The Songs Of Leonard Cohen Covered was with Mojo in March 2012 plus it did have a few bonus tracks because Lenny’s album is only a ten track album so they did add more songs to take it up the normal 14 or 15 songs on their freebies. The full track listing can be found here, if need to know more about who else was on this one?

So that’s my little view about this pretty cool music mag, if your a fan too or never read it? I hope you’ve enjoy these posts? It’s been five fave covered albums, the 100 cult heroes, three other lists/charts I can’t find anywhere else online and the issues from 2000 to 2008 that somehow I’ve kept all this time all filed under the tag: mojo magazine on my blog if you wanna go clicky, clicky now?


Cheers 🙂


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