Wicked Songs: Home Alone (On Halloween) & A Letter Home by Titus Andronicus + Cover Versions: Bob Dylan’s Only A Hobo by Titus Andronicus

Getting into the spooky, scary and trick or treat type theme some bloggers are getting into because it’s Halloween in two or three days, when is it again? Here in Australia it’s not really a big thing at all, you know? Anyway here’s a song you might or might not know yet? But if you hit play you will at least hear it once in your miserable life! It’s a total killer riff with pretty simple lyrics but they’re catchy so you can sing along, if you want too?

Titus Andronicus is an old William Shakespeare play but punk rock band from the east coast of America, if I remember right they’re from somewhere around New Jersey named themselves after that old play. So I kind-of dismissed their new album A Productive Cough from early this year but it’s came back to bite me on my butt now because I’m enjoying it much more now than I did then. At the start of this month they kind-of lifted the track Home Alone from it but it’s a little different adding the brackets (On Halloween) bit also turning an eight minute long song into a even longer, now nine minute long song. At the start of the year this and the other six some very long songs that made up the album was a little bit too much for me but lucky for me I change my mind real easy.

Also including and if you just let it play, it should just go to the next song Only A Hobo which is another Bob Dylan cover. They had one on A Productive Cough album so this is the second one in a year or less. Then if your feeling like going on a wild ride or letting it just play an epic almost 17 minute long song entitled A Letter Home does close the three track EP. You can buy it on 12″ orange vinyl by following the bandcamp player link or just follow this link here.

I was going to try a do some posts on newer music albums this month but haven’t another than Joe McKee’s new album. I will try to write something about all of them but after this daily post I have only three days and two months before the end of this year, you know? Hopefully I’ll get back to write something about A Productive Cough by Titus Andronicus at some-point but if not or if you just wanted to just listen to it now? Here it is to finish this post!



Cheers 🙂


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