Top Ten Tracks: Madonna

Well, totally different artist today because I wanted someone who was so huge in the 80’s? I’ve choose Madonna for this Monday’s morning blog post! She did turned 60 years old or should that be young earlier this year. Also already out living all her male 80’s pop counterparts like Michael Jackson, George Micheal, Prince. So what else can I possible say about Madonna? That the problem with these huge big artists and writing a blog post about them, they is nothing left to say! I guess, I don’t focus on real pop music much on my blog but I do listen to it sometimes so these ten are my own personal faves her back catalog, which are these ones…

Burning Up – Self-titled debut album (1983)

Live To TellTrue Blue (1986)

Express Yourself – Like a Prayer (1989)

Hanky PankyI’m Breathless: Dick Tracy soundtrack album (1990)

Justify My LoveThe Immaculate Collection (1990)

Bye Bye BabyErotica (1992)

Bedtime StoriesBedtime Stories (1994)

Take A BowBedtime Stories (1994)

Ray Of LightRay of Light (1998)

Mer Girl – Ray of Light (1998)

So the counts is only three 80’s tracks and then it seem I like/love her 90’s so much better because I’ve got seven songs then nothing after that! I do think Madonna have some pretty good tracks in 2000’s but nothing as great as these songs above. Both albums Bedtime Stories and Ray of Light are tie on two tracks each which I do think are her best overall albums too because they’re for me just the greatest as full whole albums but you might disagree with me on that, do you?

90’s Madonna!

So now I’ve just gotta ask everyone, anyone? Who’s wanna share your faves tracks with me?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Nice to see “Take a Bow” among your favorites, as it’s definitely one of mine. Here are my top 10 favorite Madonna songs:

    Take a Bow
    Crazy For You
    Live to Tell
    Papa Don’t Preach
    La Isla Bonita
    Into the Groove
    Ray of Light
    Open Your Heart

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