Top Ten Tracks: Megadeth

After last Monday’s top ten tracks post, who’s better metal than Metallica? Well,  Megadeth off course! I They always won for me because they were always the underdogs compare to the well oil machine of the formerly. The leader  of Megadeth Dave Mustaine was once in the former too, if you don’t know by now? Another reason why they’re a better metal band is because they did stick to it and not run off trying to be in fashion in the 90’s and 2000’s and then had to retreat back to it when it wasn’t working like the former too but no more comparing the two bands.

Let’s just get on with it, my all time fave tracks are…

These Boots – Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good (1985)

Peace Sells – Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying? (1986)

Set the World Afire – So Far, So Good… So What! (1988)

In My Darkest Hour – So Far, So Good… So What! (1988)

Hangar 18 – Rust In Peace (1990)

Take No Prisoners – Rust In Peace (1990)

Tornado Of Souls – Rust In Peace (1990)

Symphony of Destruction  Countdown to Extinction (1992)

Train Of Consequences – Youthanasia (1994)

Insomnia – Risk (1999)

Opening track is a cover and this is the clear version which like/love better than the dirty swear word version were different words were replace some lyrics which was pretty cool/funny but got them in big trouble with the songwriter Lee Hazlewood. They did have a beep out swear words version too, you know? I think, I just love that track covered by anyone and everyone!

The rest are originals in order of release with the only two members in that whole time were main songwriter Dave Mustaine on lead vocals and guitar with David Ellefson on bass and backing vocals but he only rejoined the band in 2010 to present. A lot of different players have joined and leaved over the years too, the classic line-up would be from around 1990 with Marty Friedman on second guitar and Nick Menza on drums, well for me. I’ve picked three from that killer album of that year but I couldn’t cut it down anymore than that. Also have wrote a whole blog post on that Rust In Peace album two or more years ago or something, linked here if you really need more Megadeth today?

1990 Megadeth!

You wanna let me know what your fave Megadeth song/s are? Or not?

Cheers 🙂


  1. I always liked Megadeth but loved the other three. Dave’s voice is a bit of a problem for me and the revolving line up means I’ve missed a lot of their latter day stuff but I have well played copies of Killing Is My Business all the way up to Rust In Peace. My favourite cove is their version of No More Mr Nice Guy from the movie Shocker. That might be my favourite Megadeth track.

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    1. Oh yeah, No More Mr Nice Guy is bloody great cover song and it just missed out because I limited myself to only one cover which just has to be These Boots, for me! I think Megadeth is my fave of the trash metal big four, is that what you mean by the other three? I think, Anthrax is my least liked of them all and i do totally love Slayer too but i think I’ve blog about Metallica the most so go figure! Cheers for letting me know your fave track too 🙂

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      1. That’s way wicked cool! i think I’ve got to do both my Anthrax and Slayer top 10 tracks posts now but will have to wait a little because i have next few already planned! 🙂

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