Citizenship Tests: Marcus from The UV Race

Part 1. Geography
a. Tell us about your hometown.
I still live in my home town. It’s called Warragul. It’s 100 kilometres south-east of Melbourne and I work and live there during the week and play gigs and party in Melbourne on weekends.

b. Name your favourite bands from your neck of the woods.
Lithium and Jason Lives are the only Warragul bands in the history of Warragul, and Skrailing, a metal band in our high school.

c. Where’s your local and what’s it like?
The Commercial. I visit it once every six months cause I don’t socialise in Warragul. It’s got no music scene, just cover bands and I don’t like ‘Jessie’s Girl’ and ‘Summer of 69’.

Part 2. History
a. Which Australian bands did you grow up listening to?
Frenzal Rhomb, Paul Kelly, The Saints, Mental As Anything, 28 Days, Superheist.

b. What’s the first Australian record you bought?
I don’t know, but my mum had a Mental As Anything tape stuck in her car and I knew all the words to [‘Berserk Warriors’]: “Johnas [sic] was a Viking/He was very happy [sic] with a sword.”

c. Who’s your favourite Australian band/artist of all time?
The Saints.

d. What’s the most “Australian” record ever produced?

Part 3. Current Affairs
a. Who are some of your favourite new Australian bands?
Dick Diver, Straightjacket Nation, The Focus. The Twerps, Deaf Wish, Ally Oop and the Hoopsters, Super Wild Horses.

b. If you could collaborate with one current Australian artist, who would it be, and what would it sound like?
Gareth Liddiard and it would sound like Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood.

c. Last great local gig you saw.
Summer Tones. The Stabs and Super Wild Horses were sick.

Part 4. Multiple choice
a. Expo ’88 or Sydney 2000?
Sexpo 2009 is my answer. The UV Race are headlining – be there with your K-Y jelly. Ps. explain Expo ’88? I was only two years old in ’88.

b. The Saints or Radio Birdman?
The Saints – sick pioneers.

c. Hungry Jacks or Red Rooster?
Hungry Jacks. That’s where I learnt how to stop escalators by kicking underneath the black thing.

d. Marty Monster or Agro?
Agro. I only know him.

e. Hamish or Andy?
Andy. His girlfriend is a supermodel.

f. Lara Bingle or Megan Gale?
Megan Gale.

g. Neighbours or Home And Away?
Toadie and his relatives with animal nicknames like Sting Ray.

h. Pie or parma?
Parma and a pot for 10 bucks. Now that’s Ozzie.

i. Double Dare or Amazing?
Amazing. Al and I saw James Sherry smoking at the X Games when were 14. It blew our minds.

j. Monaro or Falcon?

The UV Race topless in the backyard under the Hills Hoist!

First published on the long expired Mess + Noise website in April 2009 by Darren Levin. Now is the forth or second last re-post on my tiny blog of all the M+N stuff I’ve been doing this month. I’ve been enjoying himself digging up all this stuff and re-posting it here but maybe some blog readers haven’t, I don’t know? Let us know? But I hope you do dig it or at least some of it?

The UV Race are still together and celebrate ten years as a band earlier this year! You can find the somewhat track listing of the greatest hits on the bandcamp page by following that link above or the full track list is here.

Yet another under-rated indie Aussie act I love so much which I’m featuring here on my blog, off course all the other Aussie songs I’ve picked out to go with his answers. Also find them on facebook here! Only one more M+N re-post tomorrow, OK?

Cheers 🙂

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