Cover Versions: Pink Floyd’s Nobody Home by Mark Lanegan

Plus also could be sub-titled what he’s been up to in 2018. Mark L’s had a pretty busy year and to kind-of to finish it, he’s done a cover song BTW which is on a whole album of The Wall by Pink Floyd album covered. It was released back in October and I’m only just blogging about it now but I’ve just got to do a blog post!

This song is one of the most bleakest Floyd songs on, I don’t think I need to tell you about The Wall album, do I? But I think here Lanegan makes it even more raw and a track about isolation somehow even more lonelier. Alain Johannes does the minimalism  instrumentation and is a frequent musical partner of Lanegan.

Mark on Pink:

“I am a fan of early Pink Floyd and late period Floyd but was never really into the really famous records in between. Piper at the Gates of Dawn, A Saucerful of Secrets and More were my jams. And in the late ’80s I enjoyed A Momentary Lapse in Reason and even The Division Bell from ’94.
“But honestly it’s the two Syd Barrett solo records that to me are true genius, and if I were going to listen to any Floyd-related tunes that would be it. The Wall is a work of undeniable greatness, an unparalleled work of art. There are so many fantastic songs that it’s practically a greatest hits record. But I’ll be damned if I know what its contemporary relevance is. That’s above my pay grade.”

Below is the full covered album, if you do wanna check the whole thing out?

If you’ve not been following what ML has been up to this year? Here’s my little brief sum up as a little bonus stuff after that cover:

Co-wrote and helped Marianne Faithfull with her Paris terror attack tribute song They Come at Night. Which I think rate as the best track on her very new album Negative Capability, yeah it’s even better than the Nick Cave co-wrote song!

Sung with Neko Case on her best song Curse of the I-5 Corridor from her new album Hell On. They even did make a pretty great, dirty and funny promo video for the song too but below is just the full length seven minute track!

Now I think it might have been released last year? But be have you heard the magic that’s Ghost (feat. Mark Lanegan & The Rev E’nant) from Shared Hallucinations Pt. 1: Sonic Salutations From the Venerable Vaults of Rancho de la Luna 1972​-​1984 by Dave Catching is?

Then his lyric book was published earlier this year which was was wicked great reading. I have been trying to write something about it for a while now but hopefully post it before the end of this year. We have a two year wait for his memoir or auto-bio which he’s currently writing and should published by the year 2020.

The ML book cover!

Mark joins Nicole Atkins for a duet of very Country & Western style cover of the early 90’s epic ballad by Guns N Roses’ November Rain too!

Off course, last but not the very least the most epic wicked second album by the duo Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood’s With Animals was release. Which has fast become one of my most faves he’s ever done. Yeah, I’ve been fucking about trying to write a blog post about that too! So hope to post it up sometime soon but here the title track to finish this post off!


As I did say a couple times above, hopefully some more Lanegan coming soon to my little blog!

Cheers 🙂


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