Wicked Songs: Dying of Jealousy & Summer Rain by HTRK

We got a couple of brand new HTRK tracks a couple of days ago, off course I’m blogging them today! Right, some artists I listen to no matter what! Most likely blog about them now too! So lately which is more like now the last four/five years or something? I’ve been waiting for a new album by HTRK, I guess any other fans of them have also been waiting too? We now got a couple of more songs to end this year with plus did get two new songs a couple of months back and hopefully a brand new shinny album next year, maybe? Still being worked as I blogged this today but I can’t wait for that!

As an extra bonus song, only one today! HTRK singer-songwriter Jonnine Standish has joined Croatian Amor of Copenhagen, Denmark for his brand new album coming next year which does have a release date at the end of January and entitled Isa. Dropping the track called Dark Cut a week or two ago, I’ve been madly loving and playing it! So just sharing it here with anyone else who might enjoy it?

HTRK duo eating dinner, Nigel Yang (left) and Jonnine Standish!

Cheers 🙂

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