Top Ten Tracks: PJ Harvey

So after last week with Tori and her piano, I figure it would be good or great to do PJ and her guitar next! Well, Harvey has gone off and learn other instruments and by the end of my little list I’ve even included one song from her not very popular kind-of piano album. Anyway she done a lot of different stuff and after not including any later Amos, which I did feel a little bad about last time I’ve almost got something from most of PJ’s career but ten is a little too short really. I can’t go on forever and ten is a pretty good number for everyone. Here’s my fave by Polly Jean now…

  Dress – Dry (1992)

Legs – Rid of Me (1993)

50ft Queenie – Rid of Me (1993)

Meet Ze Monsta – To Bring You My Love (1995)

That Was My Veil – Dance Hall at Louse Point (1996)

The River – Is This Desire? (1998)

This Is Love – Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea (2000)

The Desperate Kingdom of Love – Uh Huh Her (2004)

Before Departure – White Chalk (2007)

The Words That Maketh Murder – Let England Shake (2011)

Final score is six from the 90’s, three from the 2000’s and one from the 2010’s. Yeah, the Rid Of Me album of 1993 is my all-time fave by her, was it last year that I did write a whole blog post about it? Linked off course here, if you wanna a look/read it now? What else do you say about Harvey? I don’t know for now, most likely write about her again some other time!

Heads-up now, next month December is going back to biggest artists/bands of all-time so how about this for an idea!

In the meantime, who going to share your fave PJ songs with me, pretty please?

Early-90’s PJ!

Cheers 🙂



  1. In 1993 I was working in the mailroom for a large National Insurance Company. Although against company policy, employees would use the mailroom (which i never did, Lol) to send personal mail. We often received ‘Return to sender’ mail, and had to open them, if we could not tell which department it came from. Anyway one such package contained amongst other things, a mixtape, with no track listing. I listened to the tape and came across two songs i had never heard before, but loved. Going to my local record store, the knowledgeable employee told me the songs were a Liz Phair’s- Flower, and PJ Harvey’s- Sheela Na Gig, I was hooked.
    Here’s my top 10 PJ Harvey songs…

    My Naked Cousin
    To Bring You My Love
    Down By The Water
    The Wind
    One Time Too Many
    This Is Love
    My Beautiful Leah
    Meet Ze Monsta

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