Cover Versions: AC/DC’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer by Sun Kil Moon

Also a few bonus tracks too! So this is one hell of a crazy cover from, I guess one hell of a crazy album. This new Sun Kil Moon called This Is My Dinner just release at the start of this month is a bit to new for me to comment on just yet but can easy falls into WTF Mark! That’s Mark Kozelek, the leader and singer-songwriter of Sun Kil Moon and after you think he’s got to the point of possibly of what music, lyrics and songs can be but nope, he just keeps rising the bar again and again.

As I pointed out in the second opening line, it’s pretty bonkers! So when doing one of two covers on the very same album, why not do something totally odd? In the chorus of this 70’s hard rock tune the music which is just kind-off indie rock jam cuts out and Mark just holds the note for as long as he can, why? Who knows but why not? Off course, it goes without saying the other cover on this new album is The Partridge Family TV theme song, C’mon Get Happy.

Mark On Acca Dacca:

I’ve covered this song three times. If this confuses you, it’s because you weren’t aware that Malcom Young had also just died during the same November tour. We dedicated this song to him during the same show, in Barcelona. In 2001, It was brought to my attention that Malcom Young loved my AC/DC covers albums and that Brian Johnson did too, though he humorously admitted that his feelings were hurt because I only covered Bon Scott era AC/DC. On this version, the savant level guitarist Jordan Cook of Reignwolf was in San Francisco visiting, so we invited him over to play the guitar solo.

You could file the rest of this new album as a bit of Sun Kil Moon’s tribute to Europe cities he love and been visiting and touring for years since the 90’s or something? Now there is a lot of hate in reviews for Mark’s latest album/s but don’t dislike it that much. The only thing I will say is because Kozelek doesn’t edited himself lately and just sings about everything or anything without almost no reason so pushing that envelope beyond almost any other songwriter working today. Sometimes it works really well and other times not I’ve been picking out bit and pieces lately myself and mostly posting them up here on my blog, if I really enjoy them! So bonus songs now today as a few of Mark’s other highlight of this year! The other totally great epic track on This Is My Diner by Sun Kil Moon but only this after only a few listens is Soap for Joyful Hands. But warning before you hit play, this is a 13 minute song about Mark washing his socks on tour so might not be for everyone, OK?

Now I did blog about both his Tom Petty and David Bowie covers at the very start of this year and then the lead song from his mid-year released of his own name self-titled album, Weed Wacker which I loved and then both the tracks The Opener and 1983 MTV Era Music Is the Soundtrack Of Outcasts Being Bullied By Jocks were in the same post too. Plus I blog some of other older tracks too but the one other track I really dig so much from this past year that I haven’t blog about yet, is other track from that self-titled album. Much shorter track called Sublime. Named after a 90’s band you might remember? AC/DC’s Bon Scott makes a cameo at the end but it’s pretty much what happens in a song when he does run out of words, it’s pure genius!

Seems I’ve got that new pretty great odd AC/DC cover at the top of the page, in the quote halfway down the post he’s talking about his much older AC/DC covers and Bon Scott just been name-dropped. I’m going to finish this blog post with my fave cover from Mark’s first solo album What’s Next To The Moon, way back in 2001 with just his nylon acoustic guitar Kozelek did that whole album of Bon Scott era AC/DC songs and I love his much more beautiful If You Want Blood the most so here it is!

That’s my little SKM or MK tail end of November blog post done. Off course, a next even newer album has been announced already with release date of March 1st, 2019 entitled  Mark Kozelek with Donny McCaslin and Jim White is a seven track album. Edit: looking at his website this morning again, that new album is now re-named as a Sun Kil Moon one and now titled I Also Want to Die in New Orleans. Seems I’m at it here’s the lead track Day In America which is a nearly 23 minute song wrote after another mass shooting in America.

Mark Kozelek, Jim White, Jordan Cook (left to right) in December 2017!

Cheers 🙂



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